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Title: Local Lake 08032012
Post by: brian_w_watson on August 04, 2012, 08:09:00 PM
Got out for 3 hours 8/3 am.  Took while to hit the right bait.  No takers on buzz bait, senko, minnow, or PopR.  Really turned on to crank bait bite:  square a, KVD 1.5, Tiny N in bream and crawfish colors.  Caught 10 total, largest 1.5#.

Saw a little mink, probably yearling at most working the shoreline.  Amazingly cute until you see one kill a rabbit in your driveway, which i saw last year.

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Title: Re: Local Lake 08032012
Post by: ydoc on August 06, 2012, 08:55:48 AM
Thanks for the report!  Not much "Nebraska" report activity gong on here..

I fish mostly farm ponds (from a belly-boat).  My last time out (July 15th or 22nd?) was during the middle of one of those 100*+ days.  Didn't get on/in the water until atout 8:30am - L O N G after I had HOPED to be fishing.  Fishing was s-l-o-w!  Caught a few on a Senko (type), a couple on a small 1/8 spinnerbiat, and a few on a weighless tube. 

Nothing big... largest was only 14", and this on a pond where I usually only catch 15"+ fiish.  Just not real excited about going out right now... at least not until we get some RAIN and/or a NICE cool-down - which probably won't happen until September.  It's been a TOUGH summer!   :(