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Title: Highland Lake 5/5/13
Post by: Matt8 on May 07, 2013, 10:28:06 PM
Started at the far end of the lake.  Within a couple casts, caught about a 12" perch followed by keeper number one a couple minutes later.  A bunch of pickerel later we moved to the opposite shore and caught yet more pickerel.  Moved to the shallow cove and caught yet another pickerel.  Went down by the launch area and caught a real big pickerel (possibly a pike?).  Kept fishing along and the boater caught his keeper number one.  Kept going along and I caught my biggest fish of the day, a 2.45lb largemouth.  Double backed and I caught my third.   Ended up with 5.45lb for 3 fish.  Saw one bed all day, but the guys that did good said they were catching them off beds.  Oh well.  Not so great of a day for me, but as a club, a good representation of our skills.  Time to look forward to Mashapaug