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Title: CT Weekly Fishing Report July 21 2016 - Part Two
Post by: Smallie_Stalker on July 25, 2016, 02:17:56 PM

Top water catches of STRIPED BASS in the lower river continue on live bunker or live eels. Anglers in the
Middletown area have been catching CATFISH in the holes. CARP including some nice “mirror” and
“fantail” have been caught between Middletown and Haddam. SMALLMOUTH BASS are putting on a
good show in the northern part of the River. Try top water plugs and 4”, Mr. Twisters, Wacky Style
salted worms in motor oil or chartreuse for these feisty jumpers. BOWFIN are starting to be more
aggressive towards lures and bait resulting in increased catch and calls to the Inland Fisheries Division.
The Bowfin (Amia calva) has an elongate body, fairly hard (bony plates) head, and long fins on the dorsal
and ventral surface. They have some similarity to the infamous “snakehead”. A change in the fishing
regulations now allows anglers to harvest if they desire. There are no size limits, daily limits, and the
season is open year round.

BASHAN LAKE (drawdown). Bashan Lake remains drawn down (slow refill continues – lake currently
remains down approximately 4 feet – note that refill rate is dependent on rainfall amounts) following
dam repairs and the state boat launch remains closed.

BRANFORD RIVER (boat launch). The Branford River state boat launch will be closed for renovations
beginning Monday, July 18, 2016. This closure is currently expected to last to November 14, 2016.
Alternative nearby launch sites include the Guilford Town boat launch and the East River State boat
launch, both in Guilford.

COVENTRY LAKE (invasive species alert). Hydrilla, a very highly invasive aquatic plant, has been found
growing in Coventry Lake. All lake users should take extra care to check and clean their boats (including
canoes, kayaks and rowing sculls), trailers, and fishing equipment before leaving the boat launch, or
leaving the lakeshore.

CRYSTAL LAKE (Ellington, swim event). The swim portion of a triathlon will be conducted from 8:00 am
to 8:30 am on Sunday, July 24, in the southern end of the lake in front of Sandy Beach.

DOOLEY POND (drawdown). A drawdown of Dooley Pond to facilitate dam repairs is ongoing
(expected to last to September 1). The state boat launch is currently closed.

GLASGO POND (drawdown). A drawdown of Glasgo Pond to facilitate dam repairs is ongoing (began
September 2015). Launching of boats is difficult to impossible.

LAKE ZOAR (waterski event). A water ski clinic for the disabled is scheduled for Saturday, July 23, in
the upper end of Lake Zoar (approximately the upper first mile of the lake below the Shepaug Dam). This
event run from 9 am to 4 pm, and boaters are asked to take care when passing through this area
(marked by buoys) of the lake, and avoid interfering with the event.