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Title: Some advice about spooling line from Arron Martens.......and now I'm confused.
Post by: analfisherman on April 21, 2017, 08:55:10 AM
So to start, I probably should have this thread in Rod, Reels and Fishing Line....but I really don't see a section specifically about line......hence......I 'm putting it here.
Now this about BOTH Baitcasters and Spinning Reels.

I'll start with the video and then the thoughts/confusion. (

OK, questions/confusion and your thoughts.

1)  He uses a simple over hand knot to connect two different lines.....I use double Uni....usually.
     I understand he switches line more often than us 'fun' anglers BUT wouldn't the OH knot tend to cause the line to hit the knot going through the guides (due to bulkiness) and effect the cast? 

2)  Next he talks about bringing the line 'off filler spool' off the top for Baitcasters and off the bottom for spinning reels.
     I use a Berkley Line Spooler so in reality my spools are positioned just like in his Spool Box.
        I have always positioned the Filler Spool so line comes off the top for both reel types and I use A LOT of spinning reels. (I was told/learned to make sure line comes off the same direction it went on)
I also DO NOT have twist and memory problems of line coming off the reel spool....EVER.
( I use line conditioner on my lines when spooling and after every use)

   SO, why would it make a difference when spooling a BC or a SR....spool itself spins the same direction....RIGHT?  

Now I understand his thoughts on the spool box (which is great for those of us who uses multiple, different lines, BUT you going to tell me Aron Martens RE-SPOOLS LINE ON WATER DURING A TOURNAMENT....or EVER on water....Pros carry like twenty rods an outing. (maybe the 'leader line...but video he's putting a reel to 'full'...not a 10-20 foot leader)

3)  I like the Braid as backing idea and understand the reasoning he does it.....BUT to me, the reasoning works for Baitcasters BUT NOT Spinning reels......spool doesn't move on cast.
So what are your thoughts on Braid as some know....braid from places like China can be gotten VERY CHEAP....and even if you use high cost braid and NEVER have to replace the backing.....still may be cost effective?
OH and Shaw Grisby uses braid as backing on Spinning Reels too....and his first three Tournament wins came on using Spinning Gear.
So Braid as BACKING???

Now ALL IDEAS on filling a spool are WELCOME.....but I'd prefer  if we could address 1-3 FIRST....or else later when posters add advice (which is always WELCOME) the tendency is to respond to the last/prior posters advice/comment and forget the OPs complete confusion (1-3).

So ANGLERS/PRO STAFF........what are your thoughts?
OH, and I should add........who does the braid backing now?
Title: Re: Some advice about spooling line from Arron Martens.......and now I'm confused.
Post by: Nutt on April 21, 2017, 09:52:41 AM
From what I saw concerning the knot he uses to attach the line to the braid, it should never come back thru the rod eyes on a cast.  He said if he plans on casting 130 feet he tries to put 150 feet in the reel.  As far as spooling, I hold the line tight with my fingers just like he does, but I just lay the spool on the floor and let her rip.  Never had a problem.