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Title: Bassmasters Classic Expo Greenville SC
Post by: Rangerman on March 17, 2018, 07:34:05 AM
Good show lots of floor space. Some deals on rods and reels and tackle, lots of boats and motors, snake oil etc lo the average basser would not be interested in.  Deal of the show, buy a ABU Reel  from The Great Outdoors and get a free Abu rod at show NOT MAIL.  Great Outdoors booth is hard left center ilse toward back left wall, right past the Abu big display.  Shanes baits 20% off and Bizz Baits big product line and dealing.  Great way to spend a day.  Crowd was HUGH, guys I mean HUGH. Such a crowd they had to admit all at ll not just the Lifers and Federation Members as planned.   ::) Would have been a riot if not lo lo OK  Ray I want my lifer  $100.00 money back from 1972 lo lo lo lo lo, just kidding.

I really think for what's it's worth, pre show should be on Thursday for Lifers and Federation Nation members like in the old days ~c~ ~c~ ~c~ and SUPER DEALS  for the pre show Lifers, Nation and works.
OK make is so Number One lo