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Title: Upper and Lower Elk Lake Bass Fishing Reports
Post by: Ron Fogelson on May 19, 2006, 06:32:11 PM
Hit this lake for the 1st time in my life  Camped Thursday night and fished both Thursday and Friday.  Water was calm and felt warm.  No temp gauge on my Dad's boat.  Gin clear with a slight green tint to it & the fish were just easy!!!

Hooked 80 to 100 Perch and the same again in Sunnies "Brim" managed 8 to 10 Northern s and hooked well over 33 to 35 bass Thursday and then the same thing Friday but we only fished for a few hours so the numbers are lower.  9 bass today 4 Northern s 25 to 30 Perch and the same again on Sunnies.

Baits,  tiny jig head with feathers in white and red tipped with a small piece of worm for the perch and sunnies.  Northern s were caught on a florescent orange and black spot dare devil about 1/2 once size and the bass were hitting a lead head jig tipped with a 3inch curly tail grub.  Color was orange green or white jig with white yellow or the clear chartruse off green color.  just bottom bounce it up and down the bank lines.  Biggest went all most 6lbs, was from my finger tips to my elbow so 20.5 to 21 inches long. Most of the rest were between 1.5 and 3lbs with a few that were just tiny things LOL about 6 to 8 inches.

Good Luck & I'll see you on the water.