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Title: Tournament Standings for 2011
Post by: shane1151 on August 28, 2011, 03:09:15 PM
Leader..    John Lindsay-1,039    (Drops: Pachaug-30pts and Quaddick-80pts) 
2nd Place..George Looby-968      (Drops: East Twin-70pts and Long Pond-75pts)             
3rd Place...Drew Hamiltion-885
4th Place...Jack Sabine-788
5th Place...Dave Minor -758       (Drops: Long Pond-80pts and Pachaug-85pts)
6th Place...Matt Minor-705          (Drops: Quaddick-30pts and East Twin-30pts)
7th Place...Ryan Sheehen-684
8th Place...Tim Peckham-627      (Drops: Quaddick-75pts and East Twin-75pts)
9th Place...Paul Sapolis-596         (Drops: Quaddick-65pts and East Twin-30pts)
10th Place...Jim Catania-584
11th Place...Shane Grindle-437
12th Place...Jim Dence-345
13th Place...Rich Torpey-261
14th Place...Stan Socha Jr-85
15th Place...Eric Barnard-80
16th Place...Jack Clarkin-
17th Place...Jim DeLisle
18th place
19th place
20th place
Title: Re: Tournament Standings for 2011
Post by: shane1151 on September 12, 2011, 02:37:57 PM

UPDATED... ~c~...Here are the YTD standings as of 9/12/11 – please note that the point totals presented are AFTER drops have been deducted for those anglers that qualify for drops.
1st Place – 1,078 John Lindsay (Drops: Pachaug-30pts, Quaddick-80pts, Long Pond-101pts)
 2nd Place - 1,011 Drew Hamilton
3rd Place – 972 George Looby (Drops: East Twin-70pts, Long Pond-75pts, Mansfield Hollow-97pts)
 4th Place – 970 Jack Sabine
 5th Place – 785 Dave Minor (Drops: Long Pond-80pts, Pachaug-85pts, Gardner-85pts)
 6th Place – 705 Matt Minor (Drops: Quaddick-30pts, East Twin-30pts, Gardner-80pts)
 7th Place – 684 Ryan Sheehan
 8th Place – 637 Tim Peckham (Drops: Quaddick-75pts, East Twin-75pts, Candlewood-80pts)
 9th Place – 586 Paul Sapolis (Drops: Quaddick-65pts, East Twin-30pts, Gardner-30pts)
 10th Place - 584 Jim Catania
11th Place - 437 Shane Grindle
 12th Place - 375 Jim Dence
 13th Place - 261 Rich Torpey
 14th Place - 97 Jim DeLisle
 15th Place - 85 Stan Socha
 16th Place - 80 Eric Barnard
Let me know if you have any questions or see any errors in the calculations guys.
Our TVBA September Meeting is next Tuesday, September 20th at 7:30pm at Shane’s house…please try to attend.