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Title: 2011 Tournament Results
Post by: shane1151 on August 28, 2011, 08:25:33 PM
Mansfield on Saturday 8/27/11
1st Place – Drew Hamilton 10.0 lbs (-0.25 lbs dead fish penalty) 9.75 lbs

2nd Place – John Lindsay 8.0 lbs

3rd Place – Matt Minor 5.1 lbs

4th Place – Dave Minor 4.6 lbs

5th Place – George Looby 3.8 lbs

6th Place – Paul Sapolis 3.5 lbs (-0.25 lbs dead fish penalty) 3.25 lbs

7th Place – Tim Peckham 3.1 lbs

8th Place – Eric Barnard 2.1 lbs

9th Place – Jim Dence 1.1 lbs

Title: Re: 2011 Tournament Results
Post by: shane1151 on September 12, 2011, 02:32:26 PM

GARDNER LAKE......... :bang.....As you guys know the fishing proved to be very difficult at Gardner and it was a grind to manage to catch keeper size fish, as is evident from the 1.9 lb lunker for the tournament. John Lindsay secured his second win of the season by scratching out a 6.5 lb limit of bass…congrats John! Jack Sabine continued his climb up the Mr. Bass standings with a 2nd place finish and the lunker bonus (his 2nd lunker of the season)…congrats Jack! And Jim Dence survived a verbal assault from the “Dock Warden” down the far end of the lake as he pitched to the boat docks. I happened to witness the exchange between Jim and the “gentleman” guarding the docks and want to thank Jim for handling himself as a real gentleman and treating the guy with respect despite that fact he was getting verbally assaulted.
I also want to thank Matt and Tim for bringing guests to the tournament…I hope Bryan and Jared enjoyed the day. Is it possible we could have 2 new members next year?
Here are the results from Gardner Lake:
1st Place – John Lindsay 6.5 lbs. (140 pts. - Limit)
2nd Place – Jack Sabine 4.9 lbs. (182 pts. – Lunker & 2nd Lunker of the Year)
 3rd Place – Drew Hamilton 4.55 lbs. (126 pts. – Limit)
4th Place – George Looby 4.1 lbs. (101 pts.)
 5th Place – Jim DeLisle 4.0 lbs. (97 pts.)
 6th Place – Jared (guest) 3.7 lbs.
 7th Place – Bryan (guest) 2.1 lbs.
 8th Place – Tim Peckham 2.1 lbs. (90 pts.)
 9th Place – Dave Minor 0.9 lbs. (85 pts.)
 10th Place – Matt Minor 0.7 lbs. (80 pts.)
 11th Place – Paul Sapolis 0.0 lbs. (30 pts.)
 12th Place – Jim Dence 0.0 lbs. (30 pts.)
The next and final tournament of the year is October 15, 2011 at Lake Lillinonah…there is still a lot to be decided. Our September TVBA Club Meeting is next Tuesday, September 20 at 7:30pm at Shane’s house. Please do everything you can to attend as we have a lot to discuss with respect to 2012.