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Title: Lake Waveland Tournament Reminder 4-28-12
Post by: wayniac on April 23, 2012, 07:52:39 PM
Indy Bass Club Tournament Reminder:
Date:  April 28th , 2012
Location:  Lake Waveland, Waveland Indiana.
Check in – 6:00am to 6:45am
Launch – 7:00am
Weigh in – 3:00pm
Park entry fee is $12.00 per boat.   14 inch size limit of 5 black bass (largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass) per team.  Safe light is at 6:52am. There is a chance DNR will be there. Make sure you have your 2012 license and all required safety items on the boat for example, throwable, life jackets registration, etc.  Our tournament times are posted at the Waveland offices for all to see.  Culling must be done upon the catch of fish number 6.  Please make sure you have read the club rules and are familiar with them.  There have been a few updates since last year. 
Directions from Indianapolis:   
West from I-465 on I-74 go 21 miles west.  Take exit #52 for IN-75 go left towards Jamestown/Advance 2 miles.  Continue on IN-234 go 19 miles then.  Veer left on IN-47  go 7 miles and  turn right into Lake Waveland Park entrance
Upon arrival at the ramp please check in with the officers at the shelter.  Pay your entry fee ($70) and/or optional big bass pot ($10) to Jason Smith.  Make sure you are marked as paid.  After you have paid see Bob Speers to draw your launch number.  If you wish to participate in the optional $10 rollover big bass pot see Rick Ray.  Mike Schwomeyer or another officer will be checking live wells. Please have your livewells checked before you launch your boat.  If you are fishing by yourself please have someone launch your boat immediately after you have paid and received your launch number.
Pre- tournament meeting will be near the weigh in shelter.  Size limit, off limits, 1st place auction, what’s considered a live fish, and other formalities will be addressed here.  If you are late for the tournament, it is your responsibility to find another member on the lake to have your live well checked before you begin fishing.  You must also indicate at this time your intent to enter either big bass pots.
We will be weighing fish from the water or you may trailer your boat. That’s your choice. Officers must dock their boats or be the first to pull out. Officers must be in place to conduct the weigh in shortly after the tourney ends. The docks are in bad shape with padding that has come off thus exposing some nails that will damage your boat.  Please bring rope and bumpers for the docks if you dock your boat. 
2012 Officers
Wayne Judd – President (317) 538-9963  Rick Ray – ATD (317) 987-8185
Mike Botos – TD (317) 966-8774                Mike Schwomeyer – ATD (317) 362-1062
Jason Smith – Treas. (317) 417-2261     Bob Spears – Sec. (317) 514-8841
Kevin Mobley – WM (317) 966-4121          Bret Languell – VP (317)903-3054