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FL CHAT / Re: FLBRC BS room (April 2021)
« Last post by Deadeye on Today at 05:08:47 PM »
Put 8 in the boat today. Had a few more hits but not takes.

Best one of today.

21.75    5.1 lbs.

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FL CHAT / Re: Florida Bragging Rights (April 2021)
« Last post by Deadeye on Today at 05:00:33 PM »

Drop the 15.0.
Keep the 16.0

Add (3) 15.75ís
And a 21.75

15.75 (1)

15.75 (2)

15.75 (3)

And a 21.75

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Dock Talk / Re: A Very Special Thank You
« Last post by Smallie_Stalker on Today at 04:54:05 PM »
We have some really cool Brothers here.

Yes sir, we do!

There were actually a few more cranks in the box but Tapatalk was giving me a fit trying to post the pics.   >:(

I was able to capitalize on the Dobyns liquidation of 3/4 and  ounce football jigs.  Iím set for a year at least.  If you guys havenít already fished Dobyns lures, youíre missing out. ;PEP)

Our lead laws prevented me from being able to take advantage of that. I do have a dozen of the Dobyns spinnerbaits and a bunch of the 1 oz. football heads and swimjig heads. They're all winners and that 4 point bait keeper and heavy duty Gammy hook is an absolutely killer combination.   8)
Bass Fishing Techniques, Presentations and Lures / Re: Football jigs
« Last post by apenland01 on Today at 04:36:20 PM »
Never knew about the sale.....
Dobyns Rods Forum / Re: A brand new broken Dobyns rod
« Last post by apenland01 on Today at 04:30:23 PM »
I've used the replacement warranty at least 3 times....

You cut the info section of the broken rod and ship it in a padded envelope with a check for whatever the replacement amount and they send you a new rod.
Some of these guys could give the pros a good run for their money now. 
Dock Talk / Re: Terminal Tackle Storage
« Last post by Princeton_Man on Today at 04:19:52 PM »
I use Plano 3700 boxes for virtually everything. I'm not sure of the 37XX number but, the ones I use for terminal tackle are about half the depth of the standard 3700 boxes and have a lot more compartments. I also have separate Trokar and Gamakatsu hook boxes with the slit foam for keeping hooks.

There are a lot of cool options out there, but I find that keeping everything the same simplifies organizing and storage.
Dock Talk / Re: Terminal Tackle Storage
« Last post by Fun4me on Today at 04:12:29 PM »
The H2O box is slightly larger than a normal 3700 box. Not a big deal, unless the place you store the box needs to be the size of a normal 3700 box.

I have been eyeing the Plano custom divider 3770/71. It looks infinitely customizable, from a compartment size stand point. The slots for the dividers are super close together, and they even come with angled dividers.
Dock Talk / Re: April 2021 Home Front Activities
« Last post by Bud Kennedy on Today at 04:04:03 PM »
Yet another chamber of commerce day here on the Grand Strand.  Tourists are here in droves bringing crowded roadways and packed restaurants.  This is a blessing for this are as tourism is our main source of revenue.  Temps today just did get to 80 with low humidity and not much of a breeze.  A front moving in tonight that might drop a small amount of rain but I would not depend on it.  We finished all the rest of the planting in the flower gardens, got everything fed and watered and then watered the front and back yard.  It has been a full day.  I am glad the planting appears to be coming to an end.  The last addition to the flower garden in the courtyard was four hibiscus plants that have become our annual summertime tradition.

I am thinking about bringing the boat home tomorrow but that depends upon the weather.  I want to do change the lower unit fluids and also service the trailer bearings.  Hopefully nothing else just having fun with the boat but that is wishful thinking.  Got my gift package of crankbaits that have been going around the site and they look great.  I really appreciate his generosity.  Will probably get a few wet in the next week or so. 

Supper tonight is leftover meatloaf and mashed potato and then followed up with a slice of fresh strawberry pie.  Do I want ice cream on the pie or whipped cream.  decisions decisions decisions.

There have been three boating accidents on the intracoastal waterway in the past 48 hours.  Unfortunately one death if reported and the boat driver is in jail with a boating while intoxicated charge.  The paper has not reported what happened just showing an overturned boat.  One of the accidents was a jet ski up toward North Myrtle Beach with injury but also with no report of what happened.  The last accident just happened today and is still being investigated.   Looks like it is going to be a long dangerous summer on the intracoastal.  I don't run in the intracoastal very much but that is where my launch location is.  Speed limit on the intracoastal is 30mph but there is quite a mix of big cruisers, small fishing boats, jet skis and kayaks.  Those things tend not to play well together especially when drinking is involved.  Anywhere in the country you must pay attention to what is happening around you and obey the rules.  Also guys, wear your PFDs and use your kill switches.  I do know the death that happened no one was wearing safety gear but they were stored in the boat.  They don't work real good if you don't wear them.
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