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 on: Today at 06:24:28 AM 
Started by Badger Basser - Last post by rickdelprado
I was shocked when I picked up a pair of S11's for a spare and they are every biit as good as the Costa's.

I have had the previous model of the S11 and wasn't impressed. But the new multi layer mirror lens really outperforms the previous models. That is why I specifically mentioned those. I can't remember exactly which model was the last pair but it was about 2 years go. Yuge difference.

 on: Today at 06:22:37 AM 
Started by cport - Last post by rickdelprado
I prefer senko's, but I do use zoom magnum finesse worms occasionally. They weigh less, slightly different shape. Gl

I have those as well. Sometimes when I can't get a bite on the senko I put one of these on and dead stick it. Because they are a floating worm the tail doesn't drop like a senko's tail.

 on: Today at 06:16:35 AM 
Started by SteveTX-4758-JK - Last post by Donald Garner
I like the Academy one the best.  I also take a piece of masking tape and write the name of the bait on it.  Example:  Bandit Deep Diving Shad.

 on: Today at 06:13:36 AM 
Started by zippyduck - Last post by Fishindaddy
I'm in!

Sent from the end of the paved road.....

 on: Today at 06:03:41 AM 
Started by cport - Last post by Fishindaddy
Check out Bitters Baits out of Sanford. They are a small local shop that makes the best plastics I have found. 90% of plastics in my boat are from them. They will ship to anywhere.

Sent from the end of the paved road.....

 on: Today at 05:52:32 AM 
Started by thusker1 - Last post by Fishindaddy

I'm here for under a hundred. As West said, smaller nearly private lake between Tampa and Orlando is the way to go. There are around 500 to choose from and they all have great fishing. Only about an hour and a half from either coast, Mickey is close for entertaining the grandkids and the nearby medical facilities are top notch. Central Florida really caters to the retirement community.

Sent from the end of the paved road.....

 on: Today at 05:23:23 AM 
Started by Bud Kennedy - Last post by Rangerman
Norman also has lots of BIG FLOATERS ~b~ I mean trees in the channel, you would think you were on High Rock with all the floating bottles, blue balls and trash. Be Safe Guys :shocking:

 on: Today at 02:51:20 AM 
Started by Badger Basser - Last post by zippyduck
Strike King S11 Okeechobee are excellent for 40 dollars. Clarity to see into the water I rate them just as good as my Wiley X's. They are comfortable and they make several different models if you don't like the okeechobee. They have a Toledo model, and a Pickwick model that are all Multi Layer Mirror Lens like the Okeechobee model.

I was shocked when I picked up a pair of S11's for a spare and they are every biit as good as the Costa's.

 on: Today at 02:38:58 AM 
Started by zippyduck - Last post by zippyduck
May 2017 UB Bragging rights board starts Monday May1st.
We are excited to get everyone involved in a fun fishing contest.
Lets start seeing lots of fish pics and see how you compare to some of these big sticks we have around here.

1. UB BRB is fo everyone (even you canadians are welcome)

2. There are no monetary fees or prizes involved. Just pure Bragging Rights.

3. All three black bass species " Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Kentucky Spots" count.

4. There will be handicaps for different states
Zone 1. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, California, and Georgia    -10"
zone 2. Tennesee, N.Carolina, S.Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, And Missouri             -5"
Zone 3. everywhere else in N. America except Mexico                                                 total length

5. Bass can be submitted for competition if caught from the bank or from boat. Tournament catches    will be permitted. Bass can only be caught from rod and reel, and the use of artificial lures only. No live bait submissions will be allowed.

6 . Only the top 5 longest bass length's in inches will count toward competition. Participant with the longest stringer at the end of each month will be declared the winner

7. Fish measuring: A clear picture showing the entire fish must be submitted within 24 hours of the Bass being caught. (Except for the last day of the month. Those pics must be submitted before 11:59pm) The picture must be clear enough to show the bass on top of or next to a measuring device with numbers displayed in inches. Measurement is from nose to the end of the tail. Please note: A rod measurement will not be accepted unless the rod itself has been altered into a measuring device with clear numerical measurements in inches displayed.

8. Competition period begins on the 1st of each new month and ends on the last day of each month at 11:59pm. Open enrollment for competition occurs during the first 6 days of each new month. After that the competition enrollment closes til the next month.

9.  Participants will be responsible for tracking and submitting their own catches. Club Director will document and post the contest standings at the end of each week.

10. This competition was created for anglers to have fun. Note however, like all competitions individual competitive behaviors come out as well. Each participant will agree to conduct themselves in a positive sportsmanlike manner. Any cheating or deliberate attempts to harm the integrity of this club, will result in immediate dismissal from this competition.

The season should run from April to November

This has been worked on for a while with everyone in mind. After a full year we will rethink the zones.
Any suggestions to make it better should be posted in another post or PM'd to Mike or I.

Please have fun, have a good time. This was created with you in mind. If you agree with rules and the terms of our club, all you have to say and submit are the words " I'm in"
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 on: Today at 01:59:56 AM 
Started by cport - Last post by SteveTX-4758-JK
Sassy Stick from Bizz Baits is a really decent bait as well.

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