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lake Enders and Mcconaughy

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Hello everybody. I just retired from the Air Force and moved to northwest Colorado. I was told that there is some decent bass fishing on Enders and Mcconaughy. When does the spawn normally occur out here? Do you guys mainly fish light tackle out here? Any help would be appreciated.


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I was afraid I wasn't going to get to add my 2 cents with all of the posts flooding in. I've never been to Enders and only been to McConaughy a couple times but I don't believe McConaughy's largemouth population gets much press. The smallmouth have a better rep and the stripe bass more still. It's primarily a walleye fishery. Since both are clear across the state I don't have much information for you. I would suspect spawning takes place from mid May to mid June. Light line will probably be fine as I don't believe there is much structure there. I'm sure a couple other posters here have more experience than I.
Good Luck
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