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Author Topic: Memorial Day is Upon Us  (Read 308 times)

Bud Kennedy

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Memorial Day is Upon Us
« on: May 19, 2017, 11:03:42 AM »

I realize that this is a bit early, but for some reason I am compelled to make this post for all who served.  Although I did not serve in a hostile environment I have visited a few of these locations during times of war.  I always wondered if I would have been man enough to make the sacrifices that I saw on each and every visit.  Thanks for the grace of God, I never had to find out but it still leaves the burning question in my soul now that I am older.  I have travelled the world and am proud to say I am an American.  I salute my fellow veterans who have served and those who have given all. 

Today in the United States we seem to have lost our way as a country.  We are split by ideology in all parts of the country.  Where did we go wrong or is this a price we must pay.  I worry for our children and grandchildren that they do not enjoy the same love of country.  I worry that they do not honor our history and understand that the freedoms we enjoy came at a horrific price.  I am asking you to watch the following video and then ask yourself what can we do to be sure our families truly understand the esprit de corp that we learned as members of the military.  I guess there is not true answer to my question but showing them this video may help the communications.  Memorial Day is more than one day, It is more than a family outing it is a reflection of our history.



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Re: Memorial Day is Upon Us
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2017, 11:42:55 AM »

  Great video Bud--I think it has become easy to celebrate memorial Day as a day for all our past on family and friends and I think that is OK but for veterans and the families of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country know what this day was made a national holiday for.  They say the men and woman that served during WW2 were the greatest generation and I would never argue that point. When I see videos of what my father and other Americans went through in the Pacific and Europe and elsewhere for this country I have nothing but complete respect and awe for what they accomplished. But I want to add to that I feel every man and woman that has served this country during every conflict that this country has felt it was necessary to send troops to were the best of their generation also. A lot of us volunteered and a lot of were drafted because of the draft still being used up to and including the time era of the Vietnam conflict--use the word conflict but anyone that served there knows it was more than a conflict. I always find Memorial Day a day of memories and gratitude because we have a country that even though by watching the news these days you would never think it but this country is made up of mostly for the largest part of descent and giving people that will always answer the call of this country when it needs us and I find that very humbling. To all the veterans on this forum and elsewhere I would like to say thanks to you for your service and sacrifice.   Bud I do think and hope that as the younger generation matures they will grow an appreciation and respect for what so many did and sacrificed to give them the freedom to make choices that youth in a lot of other parts of the world do not have. That is my hope anyway because a lot sacrificed a lot
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Re: Memorial Day is Upon Us
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2017, 02:29:31 PM »

Buy the grace of God, I served in peace time. I Love our country so I volunteered just in case. To all those who served in combat, I SALUTE you.

U.S. Navy 1977 - 1980

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Re: Memorial Day is Upon Us
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2017, 07:58:55 AM »

Well said.  ~flag
My wife says she is gonna leave me if I go fishing one more time........lord how I will miss that woman.
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