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Author Topic: Falcon HD  (Read 1201 times)


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Re: Falcon HD
« Reply #25 on: August 01, 2017, 09:49:47 AM »

Well Kadas, Falcon rods has come clean on this subject and admitted 4 of their rod line series are now made in China including the bucoo SR just like Kadas said. Really sad. I will now avoid these made in China rods from Falcon and keep the ones I now have that are made in the USA and I will continue to collect the made in the USA rods from Falcon, but I won't be buying any new rods from them. I will avoid the made in China rods as best as I can... including other "popular" brands also made in China.

I am glad the Falcon Bucoo Micro rods are still made in the USA. That series is where I shall concentrate on. A fantastic rod... really lightweight and very sensitive. I love the ones I have and there is always room for more of them for sure.

Here is the reply email I received from Falcon rods today:

"We do have four model series that are made overseas, yes. The HD, Coastal, Bucoo SR, and our Slab series.
Thank you,

Sam Philbeck
Falcon Rods
Customer service/Promotions
1823 W. Reno
Broken Arrow, Ok 74012
  Yes just these 4 lines right now but if I was thinking about buying a Bucco micro series or a rod from the Jason Christie line I think I would get one now because--and I have no first hand knowledge of this--these lines are next to go on the boat to China. Once a company starts outsourcing overseas it becomes easier and easier to send them out.  Hate that too because I think the 6' 11" pitching stick in the Jason Christie line is a great rod for the price for an American made rod. May just have to buy another one while they are American made.  Can not have enough pitching and flipping rods for the waters here in Florida  ;)


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Re: Falcon HD
« Reply #26 on: August 18, 2017, 11:55:18 PM »

I know where a Med/Hvy Falcon Bucoo is sitting and I am pretty sure its at least several years old, maybe 5 or so. I saw it but didn't actually handle it but the owner said it was a great rod and he would let it go for $50. If its a American made one I may be interested now.

How and where would it be marked if I go look at it to tell if its was indeed a non China made rod. Besides the obvious Made in USA on it in plain sight how would someone know? It may be marked clearly but in case it isn't is why I asked. 

Thanks and sorry for taking the topic off course a tad.  :surrender:

Most of the Falcons are USA made. They have a big American flag on the split grip. They say it on the rod underneath the action. Their SR line I think it is imported but still a nice rod and at a nice price. The USA made Falcons run more like the Low Riders for example. I have six relatively new Falcons, all USA made and they are excellent. Love their Weightless Worm, Herm and Amistad in particular.

There has never been any subterfuge or tomfoolery, their website clearly depicts which rods are imported and which are USA manufacture. They added the imported rods to the lineup for budget conscious anglers. Their mainline rods are still USA made and priced accordingly and they are as nice as ever.

I just bought my first non Falcon in a long while, a St  Croix Mojo Flippn rod, it is made in Mexico which is at least North America and a neighbor, I prefer that to China. Maybe Falcon will return these lower end rods to North America and let our Mexican friends make them, I would like that, and put a Mexican flag on the split grip, I would be proud to cast one. Meanwhile I think I need a falcon crank bait rod and a Pitching Stick Low Rider or Cara. How can I sneak these by the keeper.
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