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Author Topic: Chatterbait....or ANY Vibrating Jig type Lure......something you have to try!  (Read 330 times)


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First, I have to disclose that I toss the NuTech CrazyJig and rarely use an actual Chatterbait.

So in another thread I noticed that many struggled with the Chatterbait style lures.
(other than Pike.......I too struggled with them......to the point of totally eliminating them from my rotations.......meaning they didn't even make it into the tackle bag.  8))

So BEFORE you also eliminate them...........TRY THIS!  :)

(after all....they are referred to as a..........VIBRATING JIG style lure......yet everyone seems to fish them as a Crankbait and not a JIG??????)
As you fish the 'chatterbait-vibrating jig' I like to retrieve it more like a jig and get a vertical presentation out of it. (But I use this most as a long cast 'shorebusting' technique working it back to shore or boat) I will cast it out and let it fall to the bottom. When the bait is falling through the water columns it will have a fluttering drop and you will notice that when you begin to retrieve the bait you sometimes will get a strike right off the bottom.

The important thing to remember is to lift your rod tip as you bring the bait back to the boat. Let the bait rise and fall to the bottom.

If you have structure present....rocks,timber,laydowns...let the Jig strike the structure and let it lye on bottom just a little longer.

In the Spring/late Fall (cold water periods) I will often let it lye on the bottom for thirty seconds or more......so you decide how long to let it lye......and if unsuccessful.....vary the lye time.

Trailer----I like to use a 'paddle tail swimbait' or Fluke or some type of minnow style trailer.
BUT.....a curly tail worm works as well as even the Yum Split Tail Trailers......EXPERIMENT with your own choices....all waters and areas of the country are different but tail action to me is IMPORTANT.

Logic Behind this presentation:
The basic concept is to IMITATE DIEING BAIT FISH.

If you have ever watch dieing bait fish they like to do a couple of 'final' flutters up off the bottom and lie for a few seconds and then repeat.
Often the BITE will come on the initial start of the pop off the bottom!

Couple of side notes.

Works great working 'through' shad balls even in mid summer.......often the biggest Bass are lying 'below the bait ball' waiting to feed off the missed/injured shad/baitfish that other fish have struck already. (kind of like the logic behind why 'Spoons' jigged around Shad schools in summer works so well)

Works popping out of sparse vegetation....thin grass etc.

If you have 'soft' bottomed waters.....pop it hard or use a heavier lure so it will actually 'semi' bury itself in the muck/mud/sand......you now are imitating an emerging craw so you may want to give a 'craw' style trailer a go/try. Rage Craws are my go to here.

(This is a slow methodical BIG FISH presentation.......but down size your bait.......and the numbers will DEFINITELY INCREASE)

If you still prefer to 'crank' the bait back like traditionally is done........frequently PAUSE during the retrieve and let it fall on a semi slack line.....then continue the retrieve.

When I first began this presentation it was for a 'cold' water early Spring bite.
I was doing the SAME technique only using a 'Lipless' crank.
As water began to warm.......vegetation on the bottom started to grow......and the trebles on the lipless constantly came back with 'vegetation' attached....ruining the whole presentation....hence I figured a 'single' hook presentation would work better.....IT DID!  :)
I then...being anal....had to give it a try during warm water conditions too.
GLAD I did!  ;D

So before you mail me ALL your vibrating jigs lo............give this a try........and this is the PERFECT time of year to do it in.
But remember.......it's no longer just a 'cold water' presentation.

Hope it helps!
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."


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Anal that's the way I fish my chatter baits and it work great that way.


Kats Rule And Bass Drool.Viet Nam Vet


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Thanks Lip!

And for those that didn't notice.........LIP LIVES IN ILLINOIS..........AND THOSE PICS AREN'T COMING FROM COLD WATER SEASONS!

As I mentioned....this isn't just a 'cold water' technique!
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."

Mike Cork

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Very good presentation Anal  ~c~ I am one of the anglers that has a NuTech Crazy Jig (vibrating jig) tied on every time I hit the water no matter what lake I'm fishing. It's a high confidence bait for me. I have so much confidence in it because of it's versatility. I can burn it near the surface, I can crawl it along the bottom, the lift and drop technique is deadly at times, so it working it like a jerkbait.

It's versatility is what makes it a huge bass producer for me.
Fishing is more than just a hobby

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I use this technique when the water is cold. Give it a short hop, then let er soak for a bit. Great tip!
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