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Author Topic: Water Pumps!  (Read 215 times)

D.W. Verts

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Water Pumps!
« on: December 11, 2017, 04:51:28 PM »

Important information about water pumps... But first, a brief message-

You can do a good deed, maybe even a GREAT one, by donating to the Adopt-a-Family deal that UB is doing thru the 19th (Lipripper will post a link to the details below, just watch).

For as little as a $20 donation you'll be entered into a drawing for cool prizes, and I'll build you a handful of custom jigs, some chatterbaits or spinnerbaits that WILL catch big bass. I have the proof!

Please guys, these folks are hurtin' and need our help.

PayPal is how I donated. They even have a deal called "PayPal Credit"- you can "borrow" that $20 (or $30, or whatever) an ease the pre-Christmas stress on your bank account. There was even a link here on the UB site the other day- it's easy!

C'mon guys & girls. Please. You'll feel good about it.

Now about the water pumps...

I sold boats for over twenty years, and I saw a lot of issues created by lack of maintenance. And many of these problems involved the venerable water pump.

On our cars and trucks water pumps last almost forever. Not so on a boat motor. They need to be changed from time to time. But then I'll hear someone say "but I only used my boat three times last year". Guess what? The guy or gal who only uses their boat a few times a year is more likely to experience water pump failure than the boat that gets run on a weekly basis! True deal.

You see, water pumps on outboard motors (called "Impellers") are made from rubber. They are actually pretty pliable. Unless they're not used, when they have a tendency to take a "set", an the blades on them don't flex any more. Consequently, they quit pumping enough water to cool your engine.

Another cause for water pump failures is silty/sandy water, like is found in many river systems. This is HARD on an impeller!

Some styles of water pumps are more prone to issues than others- there are "low volume, high pressure" pumps, and "high volume, low pressure" ones. The Mercury Optimax motors like I ran the last few years of my career had the latter, and they were great for longevity. Knowing what kind of pump YOUR motor has (ask your service tech) can help relieve you of some grief.

Hope this helps ya'll. Water umps are even very easy to change- a little instruction, and a very few basic tools, and anyone can do it.

There ya go.
I'm just lookin' for clues at the scene of the crime...


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Re: Water Pumps!
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2017, 05:47:44 PM »

Another good advice message and information Dale  ~c~ ~c~ All I know about water pumps is that if you run your car or boat or anything that has one with out a proper working one your going to be in trouble. ;D
Here ya go Dale since you asked for it

Christmas Adopt-a-Family Raffle

and here is a link where you can read her story.
Wendy's Story

And to sweeten the pot a little one of our members who makes lures is going to give your 3 or 4 lures just for donating.  ~c~ ~c~

My Adopt-a-Family Lure Giveaway

Kats Rule And Bass Drool.Viet Nam Vet
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