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Author Topic: 1987 Skeeter Starfire 175D/175 Mariner  (Read 1197 times)


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1987 Skeeter Starfire 175D/175 Mariner
« on: March 04, 2018, 08:47:06 AM »


I have some questions reguarding the proper setup to get speed out of my bass boat

I own a 1987 Skeeter Starfire 175D with a 1987 mariner 175hp and has a 6" powerlift jackplate. I was told this was one of skeeters fastest hulls made. My dad passed away and hes always ran a 23p quicksilver on the boat and got mid 60s gps. Its sat for 5 years until i restored it few months ago.

All the lakes i run on are around 2,600 ft altitude here in idaho. I run with 30 lbs of tackle in the bow and converted to 36v trolling motor with 4 batteries leveled (two in middle, one on each side) in the rear

Ive tested two different props and this is where im at...

I didnt touch a thing as in jackplate or prop and ran it at 3" below pad. I got 53 mph @ 5800 rpms and prop slipped a few times on holeshot, but it was a quick holeshot. Rooster tail was at the top of cowling. I could tell i was not getting enough bow lift since i was spraying under the consoles. The boat got on plane and jus felt like it was running hard but not really going anywhere.

2nd test is i set it at 2 1/2 below pad and ran a 24P tempest i borrowed. I got 61 mph @ 5100 rpms with no rooster tail. I bumped up to 2" below pad and got 64mph @ 5300 rpms with a rooster tail middle of the cowling. I got some bow lift but i was then spraying from under the seats.

Ive been told to run a 25 yamaha M because they are know to lift the bow of a bass boat. But then i was told the 25p was to much prop for my altitude to get me to 5600-5800 rpms on top of adding some cup to get my bow up. But then i was told about to much prop for my altitude and to stick wih a 23P yamaha M and add cup to get the bow up. So now im confused. Lol

Now should i stick with a Yamaha M prop? Go tempest? Another prop? Should i run an 23, 24, or 25 pitch? Which would better to have someone work by either adding cup or or working to my specs? Do i continue to raise the engine with the 24p tempest?

Im trying to get the right prop and get it sent off to get worked on before my upcoming tournaments.

Thanks guys!

Bud Kennedy

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Re: 1987 Skeeter Starfire 175D/175 Mariner
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2018, 09:57:53 AM »

First of all welcome to Ultimate Bass.  Your question certainly is interesting.  The performance numbers you are stating would be decent for a 150 but are lacking for a 175.  While I am not familiar with your hull and also altitude impacts, it sure seems like 2" below pad is really shallow.  I would not be surprised that by adding the extra battery weight that you may want to consider a 4 blade prop as part of your solution.  However I am curious about how exactly did you determine your prop to pad measurement. 

If your water pressure is good and you are not experiencing prop blow out I suppose you are ok but you are still describing a bit of a plowing with your bow.  If you could describe the process you used to determine prop to pad I would appreciate it.  On the other side of the coin your motor is 30 years old and it too may be experiencing some performance issues (just thinking)  Looking forward to your reply.


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Re: 1987 Skeeter Starfire 175D/175 Mariner
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2018, 11:35:49 AM »

From your numbers, I'm thinking you need to stay with the 23p - 24p. You didn't mention if they were 3 or 4 blade? WOT you want to be in the 5500-5800 range and you really don't want much if any rooster tail. The higher you run your jackplate, the more slippage and less control you're going to have.

I'd suggest doing the tests a second time with your prop shaft 3 1/2 below pad. Document the performance and numbers, then call a good prop shop. I highly recommend Mark Croxton at Marks Performance Props.

There are a lot of good prop shops out there. I've dealt with Mark and he's one of the best. He's a stickler for precision. He'll ask you for your numbers and the performance details and he'll ask you what you want and what's most important.
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D.W. Verts

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Re: 1987 Skeeter Starfire 175D/175 Mariner
« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2018, 06:31:56 PM »

Those really were great hulls. I'd take the advice above tho'- I'd have a compression test AND leak-down performed on the motor first. I've been out of the game for too long to remember my STUFF, but at altitude you are going to lose some speed. It's important however to be able to get to 56-5800 RPM at WOT with a LOADED boat.

Has this boat always been run at this altitude? I ask because carb-jetting is critical.
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