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A quick review

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Because of my wrist surgery I had a reel I wouldn't be able to tune, A BPS PRO LITE I bought off ebay, I had said it was NIB but I was wrong, that one got done, this one was purchased later. I sent it off the LMG, Matt, after pm s back and forth I decided to go with new spool bearings, and I sent some extra cash along just in case. The reel was spooled with braid when I got it and I left it on.
Matt sent me a pic of it in lots of little pieces, I remembered those from doing my other one, I got the reel back, total time about a week, new bearings and he replaced a couple that needed it, the extra cash got used. lo I mounted it on a new 6'6" ML CARBONLITE 2.0 with an 1/8 ounce jig head, wouldn't cast it very well but I knew what the problem was and had planned on respooling it anyways, should have done that first. :bang :bang I wanted this rig for grub swimming and small jig worming so i spooled it with a spool of P-LINE 6 lb Flouroclear I had, went to the backyard and tried pitching the little jig, worked like a charm, I'm quite pleased with the job Matt did and would send him other work if I weren't able to do it!!!
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