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Author Topic: First Good Bass of Fall  (Read 278 times)

D.W. Verts

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First Good Bass of Fall
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:55:22 PM »

That major front blew thru last night, leaving in its wake a massive drop in air temps, with of course a drop in the water temps too. I headed out this after noon to work on my first bass for the IBass Team Tourney and Classic.

The fish bit better than I figured, with bright bluebird skies and a stiff North/Northwest breeze-

This light-in-the belly 6-1/2 was the first bass caught after only ten minutes on the water, throwing a spinnerbait at a laydown. I went to string her up and realized that I had no stringer. Dad gum. Lucky for me, I have ROPE on the old kayak.

I then decided since it was early (before 2:30) that I'd go ahead and get back to the truck for pics and measurements so I could get her turned loose.

Back at the truck it became apparent that while I had all kinds of cameras and batteries, I had no measuring board.

You know, after doin' this all year you'd think that I'd have it figured out...

So it was a LONG fifteen minute drive back to the house (and thru gates and across cow pastures)  where I dug my ruler out of the bass boat, and the stringer was laying right where the kayak had been next to my shop. Knowing all time that the bass were bitin', and that I probably had a limited window to get this done.

Gee whiz.

It was a LONG fifteen minute drive back to the pond.

Once I got the official IBass stuff done, I turned her loose and got back to it.

Boy, fishin' was GREAT. The catchin' however, well, it was a little off. That's cold fronts for you, right there.

The only bait they wanted was the spinnerbait, although with such a short amount of time I couldn't try much of a variety. But they wouldn't touch the jig. Again, that's Autumn and cold fronts. It's the SPIN that does 'em in.

I know ya'll are probably tired of my big bass lost stories. But I reckon that I get enough of them in the boat to prove it, not that it matters. But this late afternoon there were a few bass that flat out did a PILE DRIVE on my spinnerbait, and just did not get hooked. Again, it's a Fall thing, and not near my first experience with this behavior.

I had several mammoth, rip the rod out-of-your-hand strikes that were almost heartbreaking, especially when they coincided with a toilet flush in the shallow water. The little bass, and some of the keepers I caught just went insane on the bait, hitting in very shallow water with a vengeance and almost swallowing the bait whole.

On the other hand, of the seven other keeper-size bass I caught in three hours, many of them were caught either on the trailer hook, or were caught on the outside of the head, or both.

It's a Fall/cold front thing.

Anyway, I got made a fool of. I did ditch the 3/8 oz bait I was throwing, and tied on a 1/2 oz. bait with semi-cowbell blades, and they like it too, but by 4 PM the big bass were done.

I'm a-thinkin' that if I get the time to fish in the next twenty days that there are gonna be some TANKS park themselves in my boat. Lord willin', anyway. Peace.

If you wanna hear God laugh, tell him your plans...


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Re: First Good Bass of Fall
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2018, 10:35:43 PM »

looks like you went pond hopping.  good time of the year to do that if you ave some good ones to fish.  they can really hold some nice bass like the one you are holding.


Donald Garner

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Re: First Good Bass of Fall
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2018, 06:24:51 AM »

Tks for sharing the trip and picture with us.  Congrats on the catching also.  That's a nice looking fall Bass.
Belton Texas part of God's Country
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Re: First Good Bass of Fall
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2018, 07:37:27 AM »

Them Private Farm Ponds that no one or almost no one else ever fishes can produce some nice catches. They are just not used to seeing a bait with a hook attached and POW they bite it with vengeance!
Eternal Optimism. It's what drives me to fish. Next cast is THE cast that will provide the reason why I am here. Big Bass, Small Bass, No Bass-- Everyday and Every Time out learn something. What worked and what didn't and why. In the end go enough days and then, Today is the day that it will all come together and the Fish Gods will smile.


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Re: First Good Bass of Fall
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2018, 08:12:38 AM »

Thanks for the story Dale and nice looking Bass.  ~c~

Kats Rule And Bass Drool.Viet Nam Vet


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Re: First Good Bass of Fall
« Reply #5 on: October 12, 2018, 08:34:08 AM »

Dang that's a fatty!  Nice catch sir
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