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Author Topic: TCTC 2019 Rules and tournament dates  (Read 771 times)


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TCTC 2019 Rules and tournament dates
« on: November 12, 2018, 11:58:42 AM »

Here's the rules for 2019. Let me, Chip, or Will know if you have any questions.
« Last Edit: January 16, 2019, 05:21:24 PM by BassBUFF »


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Re: TCTC 2019 Rules and tournament dates
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2019, 05:22:34 PM »

Here are the rules if you cant download the attachment.

 TCTC 2019 Rules

1. TCTC Membership dues are $20.00/per person, due at the first of every year; or at the first tournament fished of the year. Tournament fees are $40/per Team which includes $5/per team Big Bass Pot.
a. There will be an optional Annual Big Bass of the Year pot. Participation is $5.00/per Team Member and if one member of the team is in the BB of the Year pot then both team members need to be. Any bass weighed before paying will not be counted.
i. Any Big Bass weighed in during the tournaments listed in rule 4 count.
ii. Fish MUST be alive (see rule 8 b).
b. Side pots are allowed and optional (i.e. biggest trash fish, crappie, catfish, etc).
c. $10 of entry fee will be held back to, initially, fund new scales for the club. Once that is paid, funds will be used for other club functions.
2. No Team Member below the age of 18 may fish without adult supervision in the boat.
3. All new members are subject to approval and must be recommended by a current member.
4. TCTC will fish February through December; ten regular tournaments and an “End Of Year Blowout” (EOYB) in December (double points). Five dollars of the Membership Dues will be held back and awarded at the EOYB (ex: more places paid and/or higher winnings).
a. You must fish at least 6 tournaments to qualify for the EOYB.
i. Exceptions to this will include Military Deployments/TDYs or work related absences. In this case, you will need to fish all available/remaining tournaments to qualify. If joining the club after April, you will need to fish all remaining tournaments (minimum of 4) to qualify.
5. Tournaments will only be conducted on LA & TX waterways. The venue we fish each month will be voted on at the prior month’s weigh-in. No lake will be fished more than twice, or back to back, in any of the ten regular tournaments; unless it is picked as a Safety Lake. We also have the option to vote for a “Scramble” or a “Mystery Lake” (tournament details will be decided after vote; i.e. meet place/time, etc)
a. Safety Lake- If conditions require the need to change venues the decision will be made by Club Board members at least a week in advance of the scheduled tournament.
i. The runner-up lake (from weigh-in vote) will be utilized if primary is unsafe, or;
ii. If a lake has previously been missed due to unsafe condition, but is now safe, it will serve as the safety lake, or;
iii. A random draw of all safe bodies of water will be drawn.
b. Trailering will be allowed at events. However, you will not be allowed to leave the launch area until released by the Tournament Director or official launch time, unless it is a Scramble event.
c. All lakes will be eligible for the EOYB.
6. The 1st Sunday of each month is our regular tournament date. We know that it is possible for there to be conflicts that could arise with any day selected since there are so many other tournaments and will make changes when/if needed due to holidays and so on. Changes will be handled through majority vote on the forum or at weigh-ins. Any change will be posted on our Twin Cities Team Club page on UltimateBass.com and the Twin Cities Team Club Face Book page ASAP. Members will be given the option to vote for a Sat. tournament pending forum or weigh-in discussion.

7. Normaly, official Start Time will be at safe light determined by the Tournament Director and official Weigh-in time will be 3pm. Exceptions will be made for special tournament formats such as Early Birds or night tournaments in which case the times will be voted on at the previous weigh-in. Tournament information will be posted on UltimateBass.com and the TCTC Face Book Page.
a. There will be a penalty of ½ pound per minute if a team is late and a 15 min. cut-off time, at which time any team that is not at the launch site will be disqualified.
b. Launch format will be decided by the Tournament Director for each tournament.
c. Live-well checks will be conducted prior to Official Start Time.
d. Another member of TCTC may weigh in your fish in case of boat trouble, family issues, on call, etc. TD MUST be notified in advance.
e. All State length/slot limits will be enforced.
f. The official measuring board for the club is a "Gator Grip, Golden Rule, Weigh Master, Largemouth Bass". All club members are encouraged to compare their boards to the clubs official board to help eliminate any problems during weigh-in. Club members are also encouraged to request a courtesy bump of any questionable fish BEFORE presenting your weigh-bag to the weighmaster.
•No illegal fish will be weighed and there will be a 1 pound penalty for each illegal fish presented to the Weighmaster, if a courtesy bump was not requested.
g. TCTC will have an appointed “Weighmaster” and “Assistant” for each tournament weigh-in. These two members are to be the ONLY individuals to handle the fish during the weigh-in. Their weight & measurements determined during each teams’ weigh-in will be final.
h. TCTC tournament minimum length is 12” unless State law differs, wherein it will take precedent if larger.
8. Only 5 fish are allowed to be brought to the scales for weigh-in. If more than 5 fish are found in a member’s bag at the weigh table, the largest fish will be removed until the limit of 5 fish remains. Once a team’s 5 fish are presented to the weigh-master, those fish must be weighed. Teams will not be allowed to return to their livewell to replace a fish that is found to be short, in the slot, etc.
a. A ¼ pound penalty will be assessed for each dead fish weighed in.
b. Any dead fish will NOT be eligible for any Big Bass pot (tournament or BBOY).
9. Anglers of the Year points: Point system will be 50 for 1st, 49 for 2nd, 48 for 3rd, etc. plus 1/2 of your total weight rounded down to the nearest whole weight. 10.82lbs would = 10lbs or 5 points. No extra points for big bass.
a. Five participation points will be awarded to each team for each tournament fished. These points will not be included in the drops.
b. Any team that fished and did not weigh a fish will receive 10 points less than the last team weighing fish.
c. An award will be given to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for Anglers of the Year. The President will choose the award each year.
10. A guest is allowed to fish with a club member in his normal partner's absence, up to twice in one year (without constituting a new team). The guest must be pre-approved by a member of the Club Board prior to the tournament. A Guest cannot be a current club member.
a. Since TCTC was created to have a “family atmosphere”, family members (to include in-laws) are not considered a “guest” and may substitute for a team member at any time without constituting a new team for points.
11. Lifejackets must be worn while the boat is on plane and both bow & stern lights must be on during low light conditions.
a. Lights must be on during morning blastoff & the first morning runs (State Law).
12. All state, local laws, and club rules must be followed. Any team found to be in violation of a law (ex. Lights, no wake zones, slots, etc.) will be subject to disqualification. Any team found in violation of a club rule (ex. Life jackets, etc.) will be subject to a warning for the first offense & disqualification for a second offense. Absolutely NO use of nonprescription drugs or alcohol at any time before or during tournament hours will be tolerated. Failure to follow the drug/alcohol rules may be grounds for banning said member/s from future TCTC functions.
13. The full Club Board for 2019 consists of Chip Harmeson (Chip Harm) as President, William Pitt (soonerbass) as Vice President, Steve Reneau (BassBUFF) as Secretary/Treasurer, and Dustin Degraw as Weigh Master. One of these people will act as the Tournament Director for each tournament. We will fill in for each other should one of us not be available.

2019 Tournament Dates

February 3rd
March 3rd
April 7th
May 5th
June 2nd
July 7th (due to Independence Day)
August 4th
September 8th- (due to Labor Day)
October 6th
Nov 3rd
Dec 1st End Of Year Blowout

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