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Author Topic: Don't Forget Our 2018 Adopt A Family!!!!  (Read 95 times)


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Don't Forget Our 2018 Adopt A Family!!!!
« on: December 11, 2018, 06:47:09 PM »

Greetings to everyone,

The UB 2018 Christmas Adopt a Family has been chosen.  To check out the information on the selectee just read below.

A Christmas Miracle;

This year’s Ultimate Bass Adopt a Family belongs to one of our own, Lipripper’s grandson Nick. Everyone on Ultimate Bass knows Lipripper, he fought in the Vietnam War and is one of the several cancer survivors we have on Ultimate Bass. Lipripper has been a part of Ultimate Bass since we started, well almost  :) If he says something or someone is worthy, I absolutely believe him. Lipripper is always right there to help others and has contributed immensely to our fundraisers in the past. When UB was looking for this year’s Ultimate Bass Adopt A Family recipient, Lipripper nominated his grandson Nick.

Nick and his wife Adriana have been together for 13 years. Like all of us, they have seen each other through some tough times, some ups and some downs. Nick and Adriana have two boys, ages 1 and 4. Living pay check to pay check, Nick and Adriana work hard just to keep their children fed, and in a safe environment but in doing so it leaves little left for much else. Nick and his wife very rarely ask for help unless it's in dire need. Six months ago, their car broke down and even now they won’t ask for help. With their tight budget, they haven’t been able to save very much towards the repairs. Finally, they let Lipripper pay to have an estimate done. Unfortunately, they were told the repairs were not worth the vehicle and they should look for another good used vehicle. What little money they had saved is nowhere near enough to buy a used car, much less think about the holiday season.

A little about Nick and Adriana, their day starts with Nick leaving for work early in the morning via public transportation. Adriana starts her mornings getting the boys fed, dressing them for the day and making sure dinner is cooked before heading off to work herself.

To get to work, Adriana rides a bike given to her from her mom. She tows the boys behind the bike. Fortunately, Adriana’s workplace has daycare available in the building she works in. Apparently, this daycare is not the best, but Nick and Adriana can’t afford other options. When Nick gets off work, he takes public transportation to Adriana's workplace to pick up the boys from daycare, and then he rides the bicycle back to their apartment with the kids in tow. Adriana walks home unless they there was extra money that week to afford public transportations passes for both Nick and Adriana. With winter settling in, in Chicago, they will have to find the money to afford passes for each of them. It just gets too cold to ride a bike back and forth, especially with the boys in tow.

Once home, Nick then proceeds to feed the boys and take the time to play with them at their apartment, unless the weather is decent, and he gets to take them to the park. Then he gives them a bath before putting them to sleep. Unfortunately, this family routine is at the mercy of both of their employers needing them to work overtime on occasion. Over time never provides extra income because it causes extra child care fees. Always pressed for time, it's a long day for everyone.

Many of us are in tough times and making ends meet are hard, but mix in a Chicago winter, two small boys and no vehicle and it gets really ugly very quickly. A vehicle can change this family’s life. They are not looking for a new one, just one that the heater works and can get them back and forth to work. Now that Chicago’s weather is already on the decline, Nick and Adriana are looking at a long hard cold winter. Nothing unlike the past, except this year they don’t have a vehicle to help.

In the past couple of years, Ultimate Bass has raised enough money to buy a small used vehicle. I believe without a doubt that we can help this couple survive the winter. Last year we raised $3200 and truly changed the lives of the family we helped, without our support they would have been on the street. Now they make ends meet and are looking at much better times.

Folks, please give until it hurts, this year we have the means to help keep a family out of dire straits. Nick is trying hard to make it work, he's not giving up and looking for a government handout. He and his wife are doing all they can, they just need a little help, and Ultimate Bass can be that help which changes their lives for the good.

So how do we help this family in need  :-\          :-*   All you got to do is enter the Raffle drawing.

Just read below and it will explain how to donate.  There's lots of great prizes for the lucky winner.  The prize list is listed below also. 

Good luck to all that enter and thank you all for your donation to this very worthy cause.

Quote from: Mike Cork on October 25, 2018, 08:39:47 AM
Ultimate Bass Adopt A Family Raffle

As many of you long timers know, Ultimate Bass holds a raffle to raise money for a needy family each year. So far, we've helped 6 families over the past 6 Holiday Seasons. These families typically had extreme medical bills that prevented a joy filled holiday season. The recipients can use the funds however they see fit. This family will be picked from suggestions of the membership, by the moderators, with Mother Nature having the final vote.

So first the raffle. I am late getting started (as usual) but so far the raffle consists of:

Ultimate Bass Adopt A Family Raffle Prizes

First place prize:
Gary donated a Dobyns Rods Sierra Series casting rod
UB is donating a quantum casting reel
Mr Twister is donating  $100 worth of plastics
$50 worth NuTech Lures donated by Lee Smith Custom Rods

Second Place:
VRX Fishing Package –
6 Rod Gloves
3 Bait Gloves
2 X Zone Muscle Back Craws Grn Pump Red Flk and Grn Pump Blk Flk
1 X Zone Rebel Chunk Black Blue Lam
1 X Zone MB Hawg Hunter Okeechobee Craw
1 X Zone Adrenaline Bug Summer Craw
1 X Zone Punisher Punch Craw Black Blue Flake
1 X Zone Ned Zone Bass Candy
1 X Zone Whiplash Shad Smoke Peral Laminate
1 X Zone MB Fat Finesse Worm #309
1 X Zone True Center Stick Watermelon Red & Green

Third Place:
K9 Fishing Package –
200 yard spool 12 lb test K9 Pro 100 (100% Fluorocarbon)
550 yard spool 14 lb test K9 Fluoro
K9 Fishing Hat
K9 Fishing Decal

Fourth Place:
NuTech Lures Prize Pack

Fifth Place:
10 packs of Mister Twister Baits - Mike Cork’s Favorites

Tickets are your basic Raffle Ticket. Ticket cost:

1 ticket for $5
5 tickets for $20
30 tickets for $100

We take all forms of money but prefer Pay Pal. You can mail a check (please let me know it's coming), did I say we prefer Pay Pal, and if you want to use a CC we can send you a Pay Pal invoice that you can pay without having a Pay Pal account. See the bottom of the post for further information.

I will message you the numbers of your tickets. You'll need to hang onto these numbers. On December 19th we will draw the winners and post the ticket numbers. I'm hoping to do the drawing on Facebook Live to ensure the integrity of the raffle, but that is still to be determined as we need to practice it LOL. (You do not have to have Facebook in order to win, winning numbers will be published on the Ultimate Bass forums)

The funds recipient - We will take nominations over the next two weeks. Please look to your Ultimate Bass neighbors first and then to your local neighborhood. The recipient does not have to be a UB member, but we like to make sure we don't miss one of our own. Please submit a nomination to your moderators or Community Diplomats here on the site.

How to Pay for Tickets

Mailing Address:

Ultimate Bass
C/O Adopt a Family
5422 Amber Circle
Benton La 71006

Pay Pal address

First and foremost, save everyone the fees and send funds as "Friends and Family"
Please put your “SCREEN NAME” and “Adopt a Family” in the notes section.

Credit Card

Our only option here is to send you an invoice via Pay Pal, you do not have to have a Pay Pal account to pay the invoice. However, there is a 3% surcharge and since this is a fund raiser, I'll split it with you.

Disclaimer: We have to have one so here it goes. All rules of this raffle are subject to change by site administration. Ultimate Bass is not responsible for the delivery of prizes; however we will provide our best efforts to ensure winners receive their prizes in a timely manner
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