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Author Topic: What do you do for you?  (Read 243 times)


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What do you do for you?
« on: January 05, 2019, 10:28:37 AM »

As I read through this forum, many of us currently have or have had our slew of orthopedic and muscular-skeletal injuries. Medical interventions like surgery, pain mgmt, and physical therapy are some of the avenues we have utilized at one point or another to treat these injuries/conditions. 

For discussion purposes, what steps have some of you taken to help maintain or improve your ADL's (Activity of Daily Living), while dealing with your particular orthopedic/muscular-skeletal injury(s)? What healthy habits have you adopted to help yourself, that you feel can help someone with similar injuries/conditions?  Examples of these habits may be: working out, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, walking. weigh loss, etc...

What say you?

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Re: What do you do for you?
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2019, 12:42:38 PM »

Stretching, dumbbells, walking and some core exercises I learned in PT for my back.
I've also been making more of an effort to eat controlled portions of healthier foods and cutting out the soda. Extra pounds in the abdominal area put a lot of stress on the lower back and I have significant back issues. I've had injections but they are temporary relief at best so I'm looking to improve my overall ability on my own. I would like to try acupuncture though but at the moment it's not financially doable.

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Re: What do you do for you?
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2019, 07:40:21 AM »

The Back Injections were a God Send for me. I went from not really being able to walk to feeling like a new man. I had them injected in 3 areas, 1 on each side of the spine for a total of 6, each week for 3 weeks.

First week, Meh. Nothing

2nd week, um maybe. Not anything to get excited about.

3rd week, ok I felt a little better.

Next week to the day, VOLIA! I woke up and for the first time in 10 months I didn't have pain.

I continued to get a set of Booster Shots every 3 months for 2-3 years. Eventually I was able to go longer and longer and now I get them 1-2 a year.

The other was Water PT, prescribed by my Dr. As it was explained to me my body had learned to "tighten up" to protect itself. We had to train it that it was OK to move again. I went twice a week for 2 months. It really helped.

Muscle Point Injections also helped a lot with the Muscle Pain.

And as a Last Resort in the area where I had fractured 4 vertebrae and no one would believe me enough to really look, since I was walking and not screaming out of my mind (I have a very high tolerance for pain and have been on Pain Pills for years), Once an MRI was done 3 of the 4 had healed and the 4th was starting. The only thing that worked there was having the Nerve Ends Burnt. It worked and did so for over a year, I'm ready to have it done again.

The last thing for me is a collection of Pain, Muscle Relaxer, Vitamins, and other Prescriptions. I take a handful each morning and then more 3 -4 times during the day. Most of the vitamins were told to me by my Neurosurgeon for Spine and Bone Health and include: K2, Bioton, Magnesium, Calcium and a Daily.
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Re: What do you do for you?
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2019, 01:14:43 PM »

I do what I'm able at the gym, helps me stay mobile and control my blood sugar.
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