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Author Topic: New Boat Trailer One Year Later  (Read 443 times)

Bud Kennedy

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New Boat Trailer One Year Later
« on: July 29, 2019, 01:05:21 PM »

Last year I was in urgent need to replace my Ranger Trail Trailer.  The original trailer was 28 years old and in pretty sorry shape.  It had things wrong with it that had not yet become apparent but I did not find that out until I had ordered my new trailer.

So here is the deal.  My new trailer does a great job on the road.  The torsion axle system is a real benefit to the towability and safety while running down the highway.  This trailer does not bounce or sway it just follows the tow vehicle like it is supposed to.  While overall I am pleased with the new trailer there certainly some inconvenient differences from the original Ranger Trail.  The new trailer also has Trailer rated 10 ply radial tires 15"  this was a must have.

The first inconvenience is that the trailer is over two feet longer than the Ranger trailer.  This is mostly to the fact that I wanted everything to be very heavy duty.  This heavy duty spec means the base materiel of the trailer is larger and to achieve the correct balance the trailer length is longer.  I wanted heavy duty because I planned on over the road travel that basically has not happened.  Probably should have stayed with a standard trailer instead of the industrial strength one. With the trailer tongue being longer the trailer does not follow real tight to the tow vehicle and you have to be sure to give more room on corners and sharp turns.  While this is not a problem it is a different learning.  Just need a bit more room to maneuver the trailer.  Since the trailer is heavy duty the torsion axle system is rated for 6000 lb.  while this is overkill it has not been a problem  This heavier axle system now places the single axle more towards the real of the trailer.  While this provides for better front to back balance it too impacts turn radius requirements.

Inconvenience number two.  While the trailer is very nice it just is not designed like the Ranger Trail.  The placement of the bunks on the Ranger trailer was better even though  the new trailer fits perfectly to my boat.  The ranger trailer did a better job at aligning the boat to the winch when loading up.  The height of the winch and the bow eye was perfect on the Ranger while the new trailer is just not as good.  Although the new trailer centers the new boat just fine it is not as good as the  Ranger Trail.

Overall the new trailer is a fine piece of hardware.  Great lighting, perfect balance and constructed of Aluminum and Stainless Steel that is all important here in our brackish water.  After one year there are absolutely no signs of corrosion anywhere.  I still contend today that I would have bought another Ranger Trail Trailer but they did not want to make one to fit my vintage boat.  They did go back on that statement but I had already ordered my new trailer.  As it turns out the new heavy duty trailer was less costly than the Ranger Trail.

I realize not many folks have boat and trailer as old as mine and probably won't have to face trailer replacement any time soon.  I just state for the record, do not ignore your trailer and tire maintenance.  Keep up with the hubs and the suspension system.  These are the things that keep you safe and secure on the road.

Finally.  I mentioned my old trailer had problems that I was unaware of.  Well here are a couple of them.  The leaf springs had cracked on both sides due to corrosion, The brake system needed to be completely redone due to corrosion and extreme wear.  The bunks were rotting again but had not yet been a problem.  If you evaluate the cost to refurb my old trailer versus getting a new trailer, new was a better buy.  Same thing if you are buying a used boat.  Be very careful to check the trailer out completely it is an integral part of the boating experience.


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Re: New Boat Trailer One Year Later
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2019, 06:53:03 PM »

Glad for you ~c~  you got a great trailer with spare cargo carrying cap. Not a light weight with no fudge factor.
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