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Spinning Only

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What Loomis guy says. I bought some slx combos for like $129.99 apiece last black friday. They are what I would say "bare bones" looking but the casting performance has been excellent. They have a lot of different lengths, actions and speeds to mix and match.


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I sent the baitcaster back to Kastking for a replacement. As for the rod...... I ordered a Kastking Royle Select medium fast rod. Think Tha’d be a good’n?

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Maybe go to eBay and find an old antique casting reel, one without brakes and without anti-reverse and the handle and level wind spun both during casting and retrieval. And maybe a wire rod or a simple glass rod to go with it. Pretty sure these are what both the largemouth and smallmouth record bass were taken on. Or step forward a few years in time and grab an ABU 5500C and either way spend about a year with them, your thumb will wake up. If your thumb is on the job it should feel the line beginning to bird nest/overrun and clamp down before your brain can think about it.

I am just the opposite and despite efforts and spending tons of money on top of the line spinning gear find them unruly, inaccurate and impossible to throw. I spend too much time futzing around with them and too little time with the lure in the water.

Give me a casting outfit any day. I realize it is because spinning outfits are not what I learned with and aside from some very specific things, I have no use for them.
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