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Finally, a USDM cranking reel from Shimano

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It's been years, but we finally got something to replace the old Chronarch E series 5 speeds. Shimano has finally released a PG (power gear) in the Curado K. This reel comes in at a 5.0:1 ratio only crawls in a slow 21" of line per turn. If you've been looking for a solid cranking reel on the USDM from Shimano, this is the answer you've been waiting for.
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With the extremely smooth gearing (I assume the maintain it with the low gears as well) this will be a fine machine that is easily fished. Casting larger cranks a "country" mile and won't wear you out in a days fishing.

This will be a fine cranking machine.
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They even have a left-hand retrieve!

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I've been impressed with the one K that I own. With the solid construction and very smooth
and strong brass gears, I bought it primarily for frogging.
After seeing how well I like his reel I will now be switching out to K's for many more applications. It's nice to see this lower (numerically) ratio for deeper cranks.
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