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Post your froggin setup(s)

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Interesting to see how many of you guys use a Heavy caliber rod for frog fishing.

I use a Wright McGill (Skeete Reese) 7'3" Jig/Heavy Worm Rod that by it's weight rating would be a Medium Extra Heavy, I guess. Lews Speed Spool with 65 PP.

Never have had a problem dragging a Bass out of Pads or whatever with it yet it casts very easy and far.
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Dobyns Fury 735c, Diawa Fuego 8:3:1

Although I have yet to get a frog fish with it I LOVE it for bigger baits too.

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Same and another setup with tatula 8:3:1

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Tatula Elite 7’3” Heavy, Curado K 8.5:1. However it is new and I haven’t actually thrown a frog on it yet, so TBD on how I like it.


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Dobyns Kaden 714C with a Lew's Tournament MP 8:3.1 reel 65# braid.  I like the short rod because I am short, also the lakes I fish here in Ohio don't have heavy grass in them!


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Currently I'm using a Daiwa Fuego CT 8-1 on a Powell 725. I like it a lot but am contemplating going back to a shorter rod since most of my frogging involves skipping the frog in close quarters. I do like the setup though.

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