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Any Mods Needed for a New Tatula SV TW?

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New reel should be here Monday and I'm excited to get out there and learn to cast all over again! I know I saw something somewhere at some point on this topic but cannot for the life of me remember where - applying mods/upgrades to a brand-spankin' new reel.

Is this thing going to be good to go right out of the box, or is there something recommended to get the best out of it straight away? Too much grease? Not enough grease? Drag should be reworked/upgraded? Spool/bearing upgrade? Super-tuning? Leave it alone the just fish the darn thing?

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I have 5 TAT SVTW reels all of them have been very good right out of the box.  They are now about 3 years old and have only been serviced once but all of them soon will be sent to Mike Cork in the near future for a good cleaning and lube.  I don't see any need to even consider a super tuning just use them as designed and service them and you should be very happy.

Mike Cork

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I've cleaned a lot of these reels and they are just great. Everything about them is excellent right out of the box. I've not ever run across one that was over greased, unless it was aftermarket cleaned.

This is IMO, for what it's worth, one of the best reels for the general fisherman. It can be adjusted easily for different casting condition. You don't need a professional thumb to use it.

As far as super tuning? I wouldn't do it. This reel has an excellent free spin already. The spool is also well balanced. There isn't any excess vibration or friction that can be reduced with a super tune.

IMO even changing bearings is a bad move on this reel as it will only make the reel whine.

Sit back, wait for your reel and then enjoy a great decision once you get it.

BTW I'm a Shimano man, but still think Daiwa knocked it out of the park with the Tatula SV.
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Needed? No. Wanted? Well, that's a different question.

Mechanically I'd leave it alone. If you like the way it looks then leave it as is and just enjoy this awesome reel. If you want, you could add some bling to it with aftermarket mods for things like the spool tension knob, handle screws etc. but it won't improve the functionality any.

Personally i fish all of mine right out of the box.

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