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Adopt A Family Raffle New Prize pack

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Mike Cork

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OldFart9999 sent his large Videos Collection and a couple books to add to the prize packs. This is a very large and extensive collection that not only talks about largemouth bass but there are some smallmouth videos as well. Lots of learning to be done. Those that have to winter without fishing, this prize will keep you busy!!!

Here is the list

Classic Patterns:
Marty Stone Establishing Patterns
Gerald Swindle Spotted Bass
Mike Iaconelli Tactics for Tough Conditions
Kevin Vandam Tournaments
Joe Thomas Tough Conditions
Mike Auten Topwater
Gerald Swindle Jig Fishing

Bassmaster Classic Charlotte, NC. 30 July – 1 Aug 2004
Bassmaster Techniques Extreme Bass Tactics – Softbait Bass
B.A.S.S. Legends & Lore

Bass Location Secrets
Tactical Panfish
Primetime Panfish

Outdoor World Video Library:
Locating Summer Season Bass Larry Nixon
Locating Spring Season Bass Larry Nixon
Woo’s Clues
Advanced Spinnerbait Tactics Keven Vandam
Kim Striker Smallmouth Neighborhood:
Follow the Forage
Close Encounters

Lindner’s Edge:
Smallmouth Bass
Power Fishing
Hardbait Bass
Precision Jigging
Softbait Bass
The Weed Factor
Bass Bassology
Trophy Panfish

Knowing Bass – The Scientific Approach to Catching More Fish
    By Keith A Jones PhD
Kevin Vandam’s Bass Strategies
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Wow that's a lot of knowledge right there.

Thank you Rodney!

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I know this is listed as 8th place prize pack, but in reality, there's a book in this list that jumps it to be the second place pack, if not a little better....

Very, very generous donation for sure.  This ought to help bring more entries in the door!


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Ummmmm, Mike, that's maybe half of the videos I had/have, there is some very good stuff in the videos and the book by Dr. Jones may just be the best read out there.
My pleasure!!! Now donate!!!!
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