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Author Topic: 2007 UBCS by the numbers  (Read 2364 times)

Ron Fogelson

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2007 UBCS by the numbers
« on: June 18, 2007, 10:16:38 PM »

2007 UBCS was hosted this year by the Twin Cities Team Club at our local Lake Bistineau.  Fishing was tough as it can be on this lake.  Seams like those numerous 3lb to 5lb bass this lake is known for just kinda shut down. 

With the never ending Cypress trees and winding non marked lake channel I think Lock Jaw did a fantastic job finding fish and giving us a good showing.  On the morning of the 16th with the sun fighting it's way through the black sky Lock Jaw got the word to head out.  In typical Lock Jaw fashion having more guts then brains all but one team took off straight through the woods not even trying to follow the channel.  TCTC and I mean everyone of us stood on the dock with our jaws hanging open  :shocking: and waiting for the fiery crash that thank god never came.  lo

The Saturday weigh-in was held at 3pm and all but 3 teams two from TCTC and one from Lock Jaw brought fish to the scales.

The standings are as follows.

1st  Mark & Josh - 14.75 - TCTC
2nd  Mike & Laurie - 11.32 - TCTC
3rd  Keith & John - 8.90 - Lock Jaw
4th  Brian Walters - 7.77 - TCTC
5th  Mark & Misty - 6.89 - TCTC
6th  Shannon & Kim - 6.51 - Lock Jaw
7th  James & Brian - 5.03 - TCTC
8th  Rattle and Kevin - 4.62 - Lock Jaw
9th  Dwight & David - 4.24 - Lock Jaw
10th  Papa & Trey - 4.23 - TCTC
11th  Sean & Jason - 3.38 - TCTC
12th Geo & Ronda - 3.20 - TCTC
13th Fogy & Angie - 3.08 - TCTC
14th Brent & Chris - 3.20 - TCTC
15th  Sean and John - 2.11 - Lock Jaw

Big Bass for the Day went to Mark & Josh with a nice 4.63lbs Bistineau Black Bass

Top 10 fish from each team brought day one to an end.  TCTC came out on top with 28.91lbs and Lock Jaw with 16.91.

Sunday the 17th folks were a bit slower to show up to the launch  lo  most talked about the heat from day one but some of us just knew a little better one when to set down the cold  ~beer~    ~roflmao

Blast of at safe light this time TCTC went 1st and showed Lock Jaw where the channel started  lo  Weigh-in was to be held at noon to give Lock Jaw some day light to make the long drive home.  To tell the truth after day one I just didn't know where to start for sure, but you can't just through out a pattern that has held up for about 2 months so rather then try to start all over I just picked like type spots that I haven't fished in a while.  Worked good enough to get a limit and even culled up twice.  The total weights for day two are listed below.

1st Geo & Ronda - 8.60 - TCTC
2nd  Shannon & Kim - 8.13 - Lock Jaw
3rd  Mark & Josh - 7.89 - TCTC
4th  Fogy & Angie - 6.09 - TCTC
5th  Mike & Laurie - 5.78 - TCTC
6th  Mark & Misty - 5.03- TCTC
7th  Brian Walters - 3.59 - TCTC
8th  Papa & Trey - 3.57 - TCTC
9th  Steve & Kermit - 3.33 - TCTC
10th  James & Brian - 3.29 - TCTC
11th  Brent & Chris - 3.17 - TCTC
12th Keith & John - 2.81 - Lock Jaw
13th Rattle and Kevin - 2.14 - Lock Jaw
14th Dwight & David - 1.07 - Lock Jaw
15th  Sean and John - .86 - Lock Jaw

Big Bass for the Day went to Geo & Ronda with a smaller then day one Bistineau Bass weighing 4.13lbs.

Total for day two Lock Jaw brought 14.57 and TCTC came in with 21.75.

Grand total for the two day event shows TCTC with 50.66lbs and Lock Jaw had 31.42 and the team standings are below.

1st  Mark & Josh - 22.64 - TCTC
2nd  Mike & Laurie - 17.10 - TCTC
3rd  Shannon & Kim - 14.64 - Lock Jaw
4th  Mark & Misty - 12.42 - TCTC
5th Geo & Ronda - 11.80 - TCTC
6th  Keith & John - 11.71 - Lock Jaw
7th  Brian Walters - 11.36 - TCTC
8th Fogy & Angie - 9.17 - TCTC
9th  James & Brian - 8.32 - TCTC
10th  Papa & Trey - 7.80 - TCTC
11th  Rattle and Kevin - 6.76 - Lock Jaw
12th Brent & Chris - 5.33 - TCTC
13th  Dwight & David - 5.31 - Lock Jaw
14th  Sean & Jason - 3.38 - TCTC
15th  Steve & Kermit - 3.33 - TCTC
16th  Sean and John - 2.97 - Lock Jaw

For those of you that didn't make it we missed having you and you have about a year to get things ready for the next one.

Until then TCTC remains the champ and Lock Jaw is still a great bunch of Losers, sorry meant friends  >:D


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Re: 2007 UBCS by the numbers
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2007, 11:18:06 PM »

Some of us stunk it up this time.


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Re: 2007 UBCS by the numbers
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2007, 11:29:06 PM »

For those of you that didn't make it we missed having you and you have about a year to get things ready for the next one.

I'll do my best to get over there for the next one, watch this space  ;) ;)
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