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Author Topic: Figuring Out Everything At The Ultimate Bass Forums  (Read 3034 times)


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Figuring Out Everything At The Ultimate Bass Forums
« on: May 23, 2005, 02:43:26 AM »

The Ultimate Bass Forum Glossary should help you figure out what some of the words are that we use around here. If there is a term that you think should be added to this list just let me know and I will get it on the list.

If you are looking for a bass fishing glossary you can find that on the main site: Bass Fishing Glossary

Avatar - an Avatar is the picture that is located in the side bar of each post. It is added personally by each member and can be choosen from a selection that is here on the forum or can be personalised be the member. To edit your Avatar you will need to go to your Profile, Find the link on the side that states "Forum Profile Information" and click on it. That will bring up a new screen that will allow you to change your Avatar.
Also see Avatar Size Limits

Bio - This is a short discription of yourself and your activities. Here you will find a Bio Page for each staff member in the Staff Area.
Also See Staff Team

Forum Profile - This is the area where you can change how the forum opperates for you. From your avatar to your signature.

Hyperlink - Also known as URL or an Active Link.
Also See URL's in your posts

Side Bar - Each post has a side bar. The side bar contains:
The Username of the poster - linked to their profile
Their Custom Title - added upon request for Charter Members
Their Forum Position - Staff designation if you are a member of the Ultimate Bass Staff
Their Post Group - determined by number of posts Also See - Recent Membergroups Online
Stars/Fishies - graphic indicator of post group - Fishies if you are a charter member and stars for all others
Online/ Off Line indicator
Gender - if you have added it to your profile
Personal Gallery Album if they are a Charter Member
Personal Text, Quote or Saying that you can edit in your profile
Charter Member Banner if they are a Charter Member
Member State - Also See - Member State
MSN handle
AOL handle
Yahoo Hanlde
Link to their personal profile
Link to their website
Link to their email
Persoanl Message button

Smileys - Smileys are the small faces that you can add to your post. Since we are typing in a one dimensional space it helps to add smileys to your post so that others will be able to tell what type of emotion you are trying to convey. When you are on a "Post Reply" screen you will notice that there are smileys that you can chose from. There is also a link to more which will bring up a small new window with a bigger selection of smileys for you to chose from.

The different colors of member names

Administrators: Mike & Laurie are in Red
Staff Administration: Mike Noble and Fogy are in Dark Red
Community Diplomats - CD's are the Sr. Staff and help the Administration with ideas and management of the site Blue
Moderators: The guys/gals who's name is listed on each board Green
Charter Members: Maroon
Life Member: Gold
Other Staff such as: Editorial, Forum, Special Events are all in Purple
Angler of the Year: over 1000 posts Aqua Marine
Bass Fishing Guru: Posts over 3000 Orange
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