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Author Topic: Colorado Bass Anglers-"Angler of the Year!"  (Read 2730 times)


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Colorado Bass Anglers-"Angler of the Year!"
« on: April 19, 2009, 09:45:33 PM »

Have you heard the story about the tournament that was held immediately after a major cold-front had hit the state of Colorado?

Every scheduled tourney of the CBA Championship, ended up being post cold-front! The Final Two were no exception! Go figure!

The CBA "Final Two", Bryan Leck and Sam Heckman, squared off today for their last chance at becoming the CBA "Angler of the Year!"

Winning the morning flip, Bryan elected to defer and take the 2nd and the 4th quarter. That mental move alone set Sam back a step, as he hadn't planned on having the 1st quarter. Bryan always tried to take the 1st quarter in the past.

Sam decided to go jerk-baiting first thing in the morning, figuring the front would put his "Flippin" bite off until the sun warmed things up by the 3rd quarter.

The first action of the day was Bryan getting a good fish to inhale his bait and spit it out before he could react. Then, as in Sam's past Championship competitions, Sam fished hard for the entire quarter and somehow manages to get a fish to bite in the final few minutes of his quarter. This day was no exception! With 4 minutes left in the 1st quarter, Sam catches a 2 pound Spotted Bass on the jerk-bait. Not bad for a guy expecting to catch all his fish "Flippin."

Unfortunately for Sam, the fish had his jerk-bait by one single, back hook as it came toward the boat. Sam, in his haste to make sure he didn't lose the fish, impales himself, and ends up using the remainder of his quarter removing one of the hooks from his thumb! He did land the fish!

The 2nd quarter was pretty uneventful, except for another "hit and miss" on Bryan's bait. Now things were starting to heat up!

Sam decided it was time to get Bryan out of his "comfort zone" and headed for a creek for the 3rd quarter. After "Flippin" the creek edges for the entire quarter, there were no fish to be found.

Now, it was Bryan's time to shine and his pattern had worked pretty darn good lately. Sam knew this was probably his demise, unless he got lucky and pulled a fish from behind Bryan.

The 4th quarter presented another opportunity for Bryan, with a large fish attacking his bait, again, but pulling free before a good hookset could take place. The quarter ended with neither competitor getting another bite.

So....with that one fish caught earlier, Sam Heckman, becomes the.....

CBA "Angler of the Year!"

Congratulations Sam Heckman!

"Click here"or hit your "go back" to return to the CBA website

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« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2009, 10:03:17 PM »

 ~c~ ~c~ ~c~Congratulations SAM!!! ~c~ ~c~ You deserve it!! ~c~ ~c~
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