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I won the TBF/FLW State Championship!

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I won the 2009 TBF/FLW bass fishing Youth State Championship!!!

The tournament was held on Pueblo reservoir may 2nd. We fished from 6am till 12. It was miserable conditions that absolutly sucked! I was so cold I couldn't move my thumb good enough to work my baitcaster! But besides the cold it drizzled and rained a couple times, that was no fun!

I had 2 fish that weight 4.33 lbs, one spot and one smallmouth. I had lost two fish that were well over 3 pounds due to two deffective reels!!!

I caught my first keeper spot on the bluff wall outside the north marina on a shakee head and my keeper smallie on the point outside the south marina on a jig and pig!!!

It was awesome!! Now I have to prepair for the National Guard Junior World Championship! WHOO!

So I just have to thank Eric Delameu for the opportunity to compete and for hosting somehting like this, he's awesome! Also my dad who drove me all over and prefished with me in the freezing cold! Then my mentor FOM who has helped me a lot and got me into fishing. Lastly my girlfriednd who has supported all my fishing excursions along with various people who supported me!

Here are some of the photo's from the tournament....enjoy!


Thanks St. Croix rods, Sportsmans Warehouse, Ranger boats, Quantum, Stanley Jigs, Rat-L-Trap and Flambeau.


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Sweet, congrats dude.
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I won the 2009 TBF/FLW bass fishing Youth State Championship!!!

Congratulations Colorado Bass Man!   ~c~ ~c~


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That is awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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Congrats on the win, keep it up man.