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Excellent 2 Nights!!!

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I had an excellent 2 nights of fishing...

I went to a little secret spot of mine  ~shade on Sunday night & fished for about an hour & a half, catching roughly 20-30 Largemouth Bass!  It was the first time I had fished this place & it started out by catching a couple right off the start & as the night progressed I started to loose count  :help:

I got started fishing for bass at night at a fairly young age.  My Uncle; who I wish was still with us would call me up in the middle of the night & ask if I wanted to go fishing!  We would always use black Hulla Poppers or Jitter-bugs & anticipate the SPLASH of that bass taking the lure of the top of the water  :o !!!  I was hooked every since & thank him for having that impact in my life!!!

Since I was lucky enough to have such a great inspiring person that was willing to show a young boy some tricks of bass fishing at night; I thought I would return the favor to my 9 year old cousin!  He had never caught a bass in his life & had really only experienced bait fishing for trout.  I took him along last night, made our way to the pond & after the 2nd cast with his Jitter-Bug he reeled in his first Largemouth Bass  ~c~ !  We were fishing under a light drizzle that had "NO" effect on the young boy; all he was saying was "how many was that, the 9th"  ;D  The largest that he brought in was 18"...  I am sure I'll be getting a phone call in a couple days wondering if we can go again!!!

"ALL" the fish we catch are released for another night of great fishing!!!

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Nice couple of nights!


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