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Lower Crooked Lake Bass Fishing Reports

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Lower Crooked Lake

County: Barry
Coordinates: Lat: 42.462766, Lon:-85.476996
Surface Area (Acres): 433
Ramp: hard-surfaced
Contact Number: (616) 623-2664
Total Parking Spaces: 13

Fish: Tiger Muskies, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, with Bluegills and Crappies

Muskies run in the 30 inch and up where the Pike run in the 20 inch range with average bass coming in at the modest 14 inch.  Bluegills and Crappies run in the average range for this part of Lower Michigan.  This ramp is easier then the one on Upper Crooked and is not as much a water level problem.

Some of this information is received from the Michigan DNR web site
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