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Author Topic: First Round "Top 8" Match-Ups Continued!  (Read 1924 times)


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First Round "Top 8" Match-Ups Continued!
« on: November 07, 2009, 10:17:50 PM »

The weather was again the topic of conversation today! What a beautiful November afternoon in Southern Colorado! The air temperature was in the 60's, while the water temp was in the lower to mid 50's! The sunscreen was in order!

The contestants today were fishing for the 2 spots left open in the CBA Final Four!The match of #3 seed, Greg Gizzi and #6 seed, Sam Heckman, started with Greg taking the 1st and 3rd quarter. The day was very productive for both of them, but the keepers were playing hard to get....for Greg, at first, anyway!
Greg Gizzi (left) and Sam Heckman

Sam hooked a keeper Smallmouth within minutes of the start, in Greg's area, and took the immediate lead. A fish caught in your opponents water, puts that extra anxiety into the contestant in the front of the boat! A mental battle will ensue!

Greg, after giving it all he had, could only muster a small Kentucky Spotted bass that looked to be about the exact same size as the Smallie Sam caught earlier!
As it turns out, their fish weighed exactly the same!
Time for an overtime fish-off? No...not so fast! It turns out that Greg had a penalty in the last quarter (4ozs. by rule)! That slight mistake would end Greg's second attempt to get his name on the traveling trophy for this year and gives Sam renewed vigor in his attempt to repeat his "Angler of the Year" status! Great job fellas!

Congrats to Sam!


The other match going on was the match-up of the #4 seed alternate, Lamont Gizzi and the #5 seed, Bryan Leck! Mr. Leck won the toss and took the 1st and 3rd quarters. Bryan's motivation for the early morning hours was the hope of catching the tail-end of the early feeding fish and the slight breeze he felt in his face. Bryan "Huddleston" Leck, began throwing a swimbait that he has made famous here in Colorado. After about an hour of fishing, he convinced all that were watching, that the swimbait was apparently the way to go! Bryan missed a couple of fish and then flung a 3lb Kentucky in the boat to solidify in his mind that he made the right lure choice for the morning.
Bryan "Huddleston" Leck and Lamont Gizzi

Lamont, fishing the 2nd quarter in familiar waters, could only coax some smaller fish into biting his bait. Unfortunately, Leck was prepared for the "deep water treatment" that most back-of-the-boat guys get, and that he received from Lamont, and landed another keeper spot from Lamont's waters by dragging a heavy jig in the 30 to 50 plus feet of water he was so graciously given by Lamont!

The next quarters were uneventful until Lamont started catching back to back fish with about 30 minutes to go, including a couple of really good Smallmouths.



Only one fish out of Lamont's flurry would measure 15" though, and that fish alone was not good enough to overtake Mr. Leck's 2 fish weight, leaving Bryan to take the last spot in the Final Four of the "Top 8 Championship!" A great first attempt by Lamont Gizzi to get his name on the Ferguson traveling trophy!

Congrats to Bryan "Huddleston" Leck!

Next up........the CBA Final Four!

Jared Nikirk vs. Sam Heckman
John Santos vs. Bryan Leck

Who will be next to get their name on the Ferguson Cup!
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"The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work!"---Harry Golden
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