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Post a Fishing Report - Win a Dobyns Champion Series Rod

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Mike Cork

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From April 1, 2021 through October 31, 2021 all fishing reports will be entered into a drawing for a Dobyns Champion Series Rod of choice (up to $259 value).

For a fishing report to qualify it must have a few things...

The name of the lake and date in the subject line and the name of the lake in the actual post. Each fishing report must be in a separate post. This two are non negotiable. Name and date in the subject / title and name of the lake in the first line of the post. A new post for a new fishing report If you are fishing a city lake, then say that. Las Vegas City Park Lake, or Casa De Cork (a poke at myself for all the kids living at home right now  :'( ) apartment complex retention pond... Everything has some sort of name...

These next two, well as many as you can get but a minimum of two water conditions and two weather conditions:
Lake conditions: any of the following 'water clarity' 'water level' 'water temp' 'crowded?'
Weather conditions: any of the following 'cloudy' 'partly cloudy' 'sunny' 'windy' 'wind direction' 'rain?'

We don't need secret weapons or secret spots, however a hint or two would really help people decide where they might like to go this weekend.
To qualify you must list a bait and structure or cover.
To say you caught them on moving baits in 5 ft grass lines isn't giving away any secrets. To say you caught bass dragging a football jig in 30 feet on points isn't a secret either. This give as location and a bait but doesn't tell anyone what color or what specific locations.

These reports must be in your states fishing reports section, posts in Dock Talk or Catch of the Day will not qualify. You are more than welcome to post a big fish or special catch in Catch of the Day but for a report to qualify it must be in a state board.

Lastly, you much post your reports within 5 days of the actual fishing trip. No waiting to the end to post them all. If you go fishing, share your report with us. Remember the date has to be in the title ~shade

Good Luck everyone, if I don't post to your fishing report please send me a message with a link to make sure I see and count it.

These rules are my rules, I'm giving away the rod, and I can change these rules to suit the betterment of the contest.  PoPo
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