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Title: Report on Lake Saint Clair
Post by: Rangerman on June 25, 2020, 08:21:24 AM
Just returned for another semi annual to LSC from a week of fishing.  May flies coming out nicely but small. I like the big stick black ones.  As every knows lake if full++.  All ramps best I can tell are open EXCEPT CROCKER ~b~  Good news is DNR waived fee's due to the virus.  Don't know how long that will last lo Fished most days out of Self Ridge due to wind from east ~b~ did fish out of Nine Mile and Harley a day or so trying to get into the numbers.  Each of 5 boats in Lake Norman Mafia crew were boating 25-35 bass a day with some green heads in the mix. Swim baits, rattle baits and then the Senko and Drop Shot after the sun got higher. Just had to fish where the wind would let you. Our last day we fished out of 9 Mile and number did go up to about 50 bass for the day, 4 hugh Drum and Oh Yea a lot of googley eyes. AKA Rock Bass lo  BIte was from 8.5 to 11 foot, higher the sky and cloud cover move out deeper. Had to be in grass and or Rock mixed. Y'all boys stay safe and look after your lake. Great fishing.  Tell em to fix the ramp at Nine Mile, needs to be moved out and end poles fixed.  Tuff on an old guy to step down 3-4 foot getting in and out of boat. lo  Boys is the town of Clair Shores would let me I would move up there for the season an run people from the parking lot to the down for tips only lo lo Think I could make enough to buy on of those nice place in the 9 mile tower lo lo I would cut em in on the profits with me working the pencil :shocking:
Title: Re: Report on Lake Saint Clair
Post by: Rangerman on September 29, 2020, 07:22:36 AM
Just return from another trip from the Land of Potholes lo aka Lake Saint Clair.  Good trip and the weather was perfect for fishermen but not the fish.  Our big fish were 5-11 and a 4-08.  We did not get any numbers by any means.  Water temp was higher in the mid 70's due to 84 degree days.  Fish out on the flats and humps near the shipping channel in about 14'  we knew we were in good area due to the yellow perch we were catching lo  Bass just did not want to eat our stuff, mostly drop shots.  A few of the better fish came on Rattle baits and swim bait.  Numbers drop shot if you call 10-12 a day a number.  Fishing very tuff. As stated before you boys and girls got a great fishery please look after it. ~c~
Title: Re: Report on Lake Saint Clair
Post by: Bigbass201 on December 05, 2020, 03:31:27 PM
Sorry I missed this post.  This is the first year in a long time I didn't make it to St. Clair.  Did make a trip up north or that in Michigan inland lakes.  Fun fishing as always.  I think with everyone being restricted to the Michigan side of St. Clair this year the tournament pressure really got to those fish.  New electronics helping anglers finding fish also contributed to tougher bites imo.  Glad you caught some!  Beautiful fishery for sure.