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Title: 300R prop update
Post by: Elwood on April 06, 2021, 12:57:14 PM
Well I finally talked PowerTech into letting me put their VMX three blade (Yamaha T2 copy)on a 300R. They was hesitant because it would be surfacing the prop.  The highest pitch that I can get is a 27 so I bought it. Figured what the hell I have tried everything else. Wanted this particular prop because my SHO ran so good with it and you can not get a T2 with a Mercury fat shaft hub. Every prop to date has had a slow hole shot except for a 26 Bravo that ran like a 25 and topped out at 80. Everything else either blew out or just dragged to get on plane. Plus I have never tried a three blade prop before.  I totally expected to be let down again....But! HOT DAMN!!!!!!! A three second hole shot with just me 30 gallons of fuel and tournament load. Then I figured great tournament prop that will be slow. Nope....stretched her out to 86 mph on the first run and had just a few RPMS left.....not much though. Filled the live wells and still had under five second hole shot and no blow out and ran 84 mph!! Now if I can just get them to make a 29 or 30 pitch I will be very happy. The golden prop seems to have arrived!!!! Also in the works is a Hydrodynamics Semi Clever four blade that is fast as hell but blows out on hole shot. I got 85 mph with partner 3/4 fuel and full live wells during the Thursday night tournament. I have not had a day to run it light yet but the project is in work. The PowerTech VMX is a keeper for me!!!!
Title: Re: 300R prop update
Post by: BassmanRudy on April 06, 2021, 02:12:06 PM
86?! Way to go! Could Powertech change the pitch some on that prop to help or like you said have to make a new pitch?

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Title: Re: 300R prop update
Post by: Mike Cork on April 06, 2021, 02:23:37 PM
WOW... The big Nine Zero is just around the corner. Be safe while you're pushing the envelope ...  ~bb

Title: Re: 300R prop update
Post by: FD on April 06, 2021, 07:27:09 PM
Good luck.  I'm running one of Ronnie's Tempest 25's that I borrowed.  It gave me back 8 mph over my stock, worn out T25.  Mine left yesterday headed to LA to be tweaked.

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Title: Re: 300R prop update
Post by: Elwood on April 07, 2021, 11:16:42 AM
86 is not bad for a 27 pitch prop on any day.  I was just happy with mid 80's and a good hole shot.  The mid range is fun on that low of a pitch and she gets to 80 in no time.  I have another prop being worked at Hydrodynamics that will more than likely bust the 90 mark.  PowerTech is also considering making me a 29 pitch to try.  We will see what happens.
Title: Re: 300R prop update
Post by: FlatsNBay on April 07, 2021, 04:30:03 PM
Dang that's fast in a boat! Be careful.

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Title: Re: 300R prop update
Post by: merc1997 on April 17, 2021, 10:18:12 AM
it seems to me that newer bass cats have the hull tweaked some to run with the motor lower and more blade in the water with very little tilt added.  the fury seems to do the best on them, but the fury does not have any mid-range at all.  but, hit 5000 grand and it comes alive.  not having mid-range means that you are not getting the fuel economy you could be getting.  but, for those that just know stop and wot, you are not worried about gas.  a friend of mine has a puma with the new v8 merc 250.  we weighs 270, i weigh 175.  50 gl. of fuel, livewell full, full of gear, we were running 78.7 gps.  he is running a 25 fury.  tried all the surface props and could not get the speed out of it.  rick says lower engine heights and less trim is what make the newer ones tick.  you might need to rethink things.  most newer boats of any brand have very little if any rooster tail when lit.  the flatter you can make the entire boat lift. the better the aero dynamics you have.  wind drag is everything in gaining those extra mph hour.  if you nose is getting up in the air, you are losing speed.  just a by-stander looking on.

Title: Re: 300R prop update
Post by: Elwood on April 18, 2021, 10:59:19 PM
Merc 1997,

  You are completely correct when it come to running a Torque Master lower unit.  You can not surface the prop and maintain water pressure and you also increase the chance of blowing the prop out with that style lower unit.  The TM is also limited to 85 mph if you can push it to that speed.  I am running a Sport Master lower unit and it is designed to run with very high prop to pad settings and actually increases in speed as I raise the motor.  I normally gain about 3-5 mph going from a jack plate setting of 4 up to 5.2 with very little rooster tail and trim about 60%.  I have been driving the eyra now for about 4 years and have a pretty good idea of what is going on with the boat.  I had a 2018 with a 250 SHO and currently have a 202 with a Mercury 300 Racing.  Once again.....the 250 XS with the TM lower and you are completely correct.  Add a 300 Racing motor with a SM lower and the rules change.  You would not believe the difference of 78 and 85 plus.