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Title: Where to get your parts and supplies from
Post by: Bassinkorea on March 08, 2010, 02:20:12 AM
I have seen a number of posts where folks will post a link to their favorite parts and supplies places and then over time the post will trickle down and eventually someone will ask again the same question. This post has been stickied to the top to make it easier for everyone to see for a one stop place to go and find you parts and supplies. So if you want your favorite place to shop for your supplies to be posted here to help out UB members looking for stuff, then please send a PM to Bassinkorea ( and I will add your links to this thread list.


Suppliers List....

1. Soft Plastic Molds
Name: Bobs Tackle Shack
Link: or

2. Skirt Material:

3. Powder Paint and Painting Equipment
Name: Caswell

4. Hagens, just about everything ---

5. Lakeland, spinner blades and more ---

6. Also Worth Company, they make blades, clevises, & other parts.

7. For rod blanks and any rod building supplies this is one of the best places around..

8. And for all around knowledge of rod building go to

9. And for lure building this is the place for info
and.... (413-527-8206, Easthampton, Ma. 01027)

10. Barlows, just about everything ---

11. Air brush and paints ---

12. Janns Netcraft, just about everything ---

13. Items: Lure Dryer Wheels
Name: American Science and Surplus

14. This is the best tackle supply store i have found --- 

15.  all soft plastic making supplies

16. Calhoun Plastic
Worm Pouring Pots with Stirring motor Package

17. LURE EYES, this site ---

18. - has some good aluminum molds and do custom ones.

19. Rod building supplies ---

20. is good for just about any thing

21. For tungsten weights here are two places and

22. For jig building try;

23. Hand made lures and accessories;

24. Rock Island Sports. They are an Ebay store, and sell Do It molds and many types of components.

25. J. Hester Fly & Tackle Co., LLC.  jig heads of many styles, both bare & painted.  Other lead components too. ( jigging spoons, spinnerbait heads, buzzbait heads, etc.)

If you have any more links you would like to see added to this list, then please send them to me by PM and I'll upload them.