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Title: Michigan Resources (License and Regulations)
Post by: Kal-Kevin on May 09, 2012, 08:12:45 PM
Michigan Department of Natural Resources (

2012 Michigan Fishing Guide,4570,7-153-10364_52261_52262-274824--,00.html (,4570,7-153-10364_52261_52262-274824--,00.html)
Hunting and Trapping information,4570,7-153-10363---,00.html (,4570,7-153-10363---,00.html)
Boating Regulations,4570,7-153-10365_10884---,00.html (,4570,7-153-10365_10884---,00.html%20)
Camping & Recreation,4570,7-153-10365---,00.html (,4570,7-153-10365---,00.html) 

Purchasing a Licenses, Applications & Permits can be done in one of two ways:
     1) Online at,4570,7-153-31574---,00.html (,4570,7-153-31574---,00.html)
     2) Visit a retail vendor in your community

To report  poaching call - 1-800-292-7800

State Police  - 1-800-525-5555 or (

NOAA National Weather Service  (

Map Resources: