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FL CHAT / Any one thinking of buying Power Poles soon?
« Last post by RangerAndBass on Today at 02:42:56 PM »
Head over to the classifieds.  A buddy of mine just got a complete pair of 8 footers delivered to my place he wants to sell (sponsored pro) if you know anyone interested message me. I won't ship, so pick up, or maybe we could arrange meeting up.

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FL CHAT / My Local Lake Update
« Last post by FlatsNBay on Today at 02:10:40 PM »
One of my favorite lakes is a lake 15 minutes from the house on the St. Johns River. Immediately after Hurricane Ian, I had a really good day and caught a bunch of fish. After that great day the bass fishing has been nonexistent, I mean pitiful. I encountered 4 consecutive skunks. Talk about humble pie! I spoke with an elderly bass angler who fishes the lake 5 or 6 days a week and he said that he hasn't caught a single bass since the hurricane. The guy is a great angler, so it got me thinking, what is wrong? Also, one of the local bass clubs had a tournament there recently and only 1 boat weighed in fish.

I set out to find some answers, so I contacted a fisheries biologist who covers this particular lake. I thought what he said would be interesting to the group. This is what I found out:

Hurricane Ian caused a very widespread crash in dissolved oxygen. High water often causes low oxygen in swampy/marshy river systems but after Ian, it was particularly bad. He thought that it is because there was a long period of low water prior which let the flood plain grow in with too much plant cover that couldn't handle being under water. Then when Ian caused a sudden rise in water and put all that plant matter under water, the decay caused the low oxygen to be particularly bad. During the peak water level after Ian, they couldn’t find oxygen in the water anywhere in the entire area! In subsequent electrofishing samples since then, they collected less than 10 bass in 25 electrofishing samples!

Pretty devastating.
Florida Bass Fishing Reports / Re: Everglades (1/27/23)
« Last post by Capt. BassinLou on Today at 01:51:15 PM »
Sounds like the same front that I fished yesterday. Only difference was that you caught one. Nice job!

Tx! It was a tough outing that's for sure.
Florida Bass Fishing Reports / Re: Everglades (1/27/23)
« Last post by FlatsNBay on Today at 01:50:38 PM »
Sounds like the same front that I fished yesterday. Only difference was that you caught one. Nice job!
Florida Bass Fishing Reports / Everglades (1/27/23)
« Last post by Capt. BassinLou on Today at 01:08:41 PM »
Now that my mom is home from the hospital, I resumed fishing today and headed out to the Everglades. I arrived at 0 dark thirty, took out some rods, got the Nav lights ready, and off into the darkness I went.

Wind was blowing over 10 mph from the NE, water temps were 72 degrees, outside temps were low 60's to upper 50's, and it was raining.

Made a pretty long run, took the drift sock out and went to work. I threw several techniques for over 2 hours before I decided to move. Ran to a sheltered canal system, and fished this area for about 30 min. Only bites came from Oscars messing with my baits.

Made another long run positioned the wind to my back. Threw out the drift sock again and just drifted with the wind. Nothing, and I mean nothing was going on until on one particular cast, I threw my swim minnow into a sheltered vegetation pocket. Upon landing, the swimbait disappeared behind a big swirl. I reared back, and stuck a pretty nice bass!! Fought it to the boat, and scooped it up with the net.

Thinking I was on to something, I spent the next 3 hours just chucking and winding. That was my one and only bass of the outing. Oh well. It was nice getting out, and fortunately I wasn't skunked.  lo lo

Thank you for reading.
2.5" - a bit more or less - is my preferred size for many lures, hard or soft. I'll go larger for larger fish and smaller for the most fish.
The craws that get eaten first are 2.5 inches. This study was done around the country throughout my life. Lakes, ponds, rivers... didn't make a difference.   

                                              2.5 inches 

Thanks coldfront - I also still have a copy around somewhere and will look it up after I find it. He was one of the best for his ideas on bass fishing. Dr.Jones is the main reason for my scientific approach to the use and choice of lures:

What bass can sense, how they use their senses to feed, how they relate to fishing lures. Understanding why bass do what they do will greatly improve anyone’s chances of being a better and more successful angler, no matter the angler’s present skill level.

Topics covered include bass biology; life history; the bass’ organs of vision, hearing, smell, and taste, the best kinds of lures to trigger the attack response in certain situations....
Dock Talk / Re: From the Home Front Jan 2023
« Last post by Donald Garner on Today at 12:33:11 PM »
Good afternoon to everyone,
It's another beautiful day across Central Texas today.  We got lots of sun and cool temps which make it a pleasant day to be outside.  Forecasted temp for our area are 33-62dgrs with 69%humidity and a SE wind @ 12mphs.  We have some rain in the forecast for this weekend ahead.

Had a few errands to take care of this morning.  Made quick stop at Walmart for some batteries for the grandson's radio control car.  Stopped by the barber shop for my monthly hair cut and final stop at Lowes for 2 more bags of mulch.  The rest of the day is going to be playing on the computer and relaxing.  The wife finished up De-weeding her front yard flower beds.  She's not decided on when she's going to mulch those beds yet.  I know already it's going to be early next week  ;)

So far so good with the medical treatment I had done yesterday.  I've not experienced any side effects at all.  There's still some swelling going on but that's going to take some time to go down. 

Hope everyone is doing well and have the aches and pains under control.  Y'all have a pleasant and relaxing day whet's left of it.
Dock Talk / Re: Old diabetic guy: diet and exercise observations
« Last post by Donald Garner on Today at 12:20:11 PM »
CF, tks for the update.  Appreciated you sharing this with us. 
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