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going to rig up one to try it out.  interesting concept.
North Carolina Bass Fishing Reports / Re: Are you a Bass Fishing Guide?
« Last post by geneinnc on Today at 08:07:35 PM »
I'm legal now but it will probably be fall until I take anyone out. I'm thinking of half day trips, leaving before daylight and done by 10am. That's plenty long enough in the summer heat and topwater at first light is really good. I'm also thinking of chasing stripped bass far upriver.

Take care!

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North Carolina Bass Fishing Reports / Hickory 5/18 ■PANOPTIX■
« Last post by geneinnc on Today at 08:03:54 PM »
Got out at 1pm and the first actual fishing with panoptix was the plan of attack. I wanted to scout some points that changed to flats with deep water near. I noticed a new Fish Attractor buoy (NC Wildlife) near my first stop. I was kind of curious what the used and no better place to test the Livescope. It wasn't long until I spotted a 5 foot high post with 4 layers. Yep, pvc pipe Attractor and I was really excited that the Garmin was working. It got even better when 3 fish swam up to it. I had an Xzone fluke with a belly weight hook so it was drop shot time. I no more than told David I had fish coming to my lure than I saw one jump my lure and I lost my Panoptix cherry broke! I can not tell you how excited I was to swing that little spot in the boat. Back to the report....

Cloudy all day, low 70s with a light breeze. Water temp still holding at 68. Just perfect weather before summer hits this weekend.

2nd stop was a seawall and it was  just to see if any fish were holding. Another small spot on a KVD spook.

3rd stop was a huge rock island and there was zero fish there.

4th stop was a really long point that dropped to deep water on both sides. I saw a bit of top water activity well away from us.
I moved to a grass shore and saw 3 fish swimming in panoptix range. I dropped a Zoom chartreuse trick worm in their path and saw number 3 spot of the day eyeball it then pick it up. One more for the Garmin.

Then the topwater around us picked up. I saw a couple and it was Stripped Bass destroying bait. They were coming out of the water and they looked over 10lbs easily. That just does not happen on Lake Hickory. I switched to a 1.5 crankbait and one slammed it when it hit the water but no hook up. I actually felt the fish and how it avoided both those Mustad trebles is beyond me. We headed back to our first stop and I saw another new Attractor buoy. It had even more fish playing Air Jaws but still no hookup.

I've been dreaming of the Garmin since I saw the MLF pros drop shooting smallmouth bass on the great lakes. I'm down to the dealer picking the boat up and taking it out to finalize the prop choice and do the 10 hour break in service.

If anyone is planning a trip to Hickory it should improve daily until the mid 90 weather hits this weekend. I don't know if I'll get back out this week. I might go out with my cousin on Lake Norman so maybe I can get a report from there.

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I have never tried nose hooking a bait, always use an EWG or offset worm hook.
Bass Fishing Videos / Re: KSA - 2021 tournament #1
« Last post by Bassinkorea on Today at 05:09:11 PM »
It is a National rule/law that a life jacket must be worn at all times on ALL watercraft, sea and freshwater, include float-tubes, kayaks etc.
as far as the rules go, they may be immutable but the bass don't know that. A bass may want a red bait now but in a couple of hours they may want green or even blue, the color they can't see

The "rules" about L&C were wrong in the first place and have been for years and years.

I started mentally questioning establishment "rules" when I found that I seemed to be catching fish "IN SPITE of the rules" rather than "BECAUSE of the rules".  The rules simply didn't make sense so I decided to look for myself.  That's what started this for me.  Its been an interesting journey.

Finding that the L&C rules were wrong, I thought about what other "rules" might be wrong and were adding to the L&C confusion?

I decided to start from the beginning by looking at the most important sensory receptors that bass possess to obtain food.  What tools do they have?  Particularly the ones bass rely on above all others.


Lateral line operation.


There are others.

So what were the "accepted establishment" rules?  They were just as confusing as the visibility "rules" and were not based on anything related to science or physics.

User "experience" seemed to dominate the thinking there.  Very little stuff based on fact. 

To set a baseline, I needed to find out about those 3 basic parameters separately then look at how the bass combines their use to obtain food.  They don't use one sense only at a time.  Conservation of energy is paramount for a fish to survive.  No food leads to low energy which in turn leads to even less food and less energy etc..etc which can only lead to survive. 

If bass don't succeed in finding food they die.  If humans don't succeed in catching food (fishing), they go home and get food from the refrigerator (or buy fish on the way home).

Food is serious business to any fish so they combine the use of ALL the tools they have available (or risk starving). 

One tool complements the others.  One might be a long range sensor akin to an "alerting" mechanism that food is around the area.  Another a "homing" sensor to bring the fish within striking distance on the source where yet another sensor takes over for the "strike".

It might be that a bass gets multiple alerting signals simultaneously (sound, vibrations, vision).  Homing signals (vibrations, smell, sight). 

Notice how a bass turns towards the direction of the alerting signal.  Their lateral line provides that directional information and turns their head to face the source thus bringing their eyes into play.  If that source is a fluro bass-orange or green colour, it'll stand out like dog's proverbials if the turbidity allows.   If the turbidity doesn't allow vision to help out then the fish will move towards the source until it can see it (guided by it's built-in direction finder...the lateral line).  Look closely at a lot of those underwater videos.

How each of those tools does that doesn't change despite conditions changing.  All that a changing condition does is vary environment and thus the fish's reliance on one tool or another.

If we don't tick ALL of the "toolboxes" relating to what and how fish rely on those to obtain food (give ourselves the best chance of success), then we're setting ourselves up for failure. 

Yes, I've gone into the L&C stuff in some detail (so that it can be used as a future reference).  Those who want to can familarise themselves with the basics of that. 

I'll look at one or two of the others from a technical or physics based perspective if that's what people want.  Take some of the existing mystery and confusion out of them perhaps.

One of the subjects that I haven't chased up is how to read a bass's mind to determine what it wants or doesn't want.  Bass react to circumstances by instinct. 

I believe that I've got a pretty handle on how they use the tools they have available to suit their basic instincts (there's another good title for a tv/movie).

If there is a "bass whisperer" out there, I'd love to hear from them and learn. 
Catch of the Day / Re: RIP Frog
« Last post by BassmanRudy on Today at 04:36:17 PM »
So true!! If they hit a spinnerbait you'll have to throw it away...
And tear em all up. lo
Good stuff!!! Damn bowfin/grinnel/mudfish sure like to hit BASS lures!!

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Dock Talk / Re: Oh Lord, What was I Thinking [emoji849]
« Last post by Smallie_Stalker on Today at 04:10:30 PM »
The good news, if the monkey still has a hold of you you aint dead. ;D
Amen to that Rodney. I just wish the monkey would stop finding ways to make my bank account shrink.

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I like the Brats in shallower versions, they should work great in the deeper version as well..

Matching the hatch in the fall is vital too sustaining a pattern. As you already said they get so keyed in on one prey and it's almost impossible to fool them...
Dock Talk / Re: Took my daughter hiking
« Last post by Mike Cork on Today at 03:50:06 PM »
Fun stuff, thanks for sharing. I'd love to find a place like that around here... aint a rock one in Louisiana.
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