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Louisiana Bass Fishing Reports / Grand Bayou 15 May 21
« Last post by BassmanRudy on Yesterday at 09:42:38 PM »
Wellp got my butt kicked yet again by that lake... it had a 1.5' rise and then a 1' fall in 4 days with below the bridge being stained and above the bridge quite muddy. Temps varied a Lot too with upper 70s below the bridge and mid to upper 60s above. The day did start off with lots of bream popping sounds and shad flicking everywhere. I caught a slot on a buzzbait pretty quick and then lost a GIANT on a chatterbait a few mins later. She was coming into the net and the hook popped out as I had her halfway in and she teeter tottered on the edge and fell "out" instead of in. :-( I yelled "noooooooo" pretty dang loud and probably scared anyone nearby. Settled down some and managed to catch 2 unders along a seawall. Then jumped around fishing almost anything available (there was a crappie tourney and a high school bass tourney and all the other locals) so the lake was BUSY! Ended up catching 4 unders that weighed a pathetic 3.4lbs. I almost didn't measure 2 of the fish they were so skinny but they made 12". Also caught 2 shorts and 5 slots. Lost 1 on a frog that I didn't see and something hammered my chatterbait under a dock but didn't hook up. 8 different baits caught fish in water less than 3' and I used over 20 rods and numerous lures on the day.

Our winner had 18lbs with an 8 and 6lber!!

Pic of the sunrise lol.

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I think I speak for a lot of fishermen/women when I say I am sure I have missed a lot of bites.  I have seen some of your videos and they do help.  I have tried to hold my rod the way you do but it feels weird, but I think I just need to get used to it and with practice it will become more normal.  Thanks for the tips as always!
after you get used to it, you will wonder how you fished the other ways.

Bank Fishing for Bass / Re: From the bank
« Last post by big g on Yesterday at 09:25:31 PM »
Well feed! ~c~ ~c~ ~c~
The spawn is well underway, but I believe it's still just the early part of it.
On Saturday which was a practice day for Sunday's tournament, I found a couple of patterns. 1) prespawn bass we suspended in the water column in water depths of 10 ~ 15 FOW near spawning areas and 2) spawning bass were in the flooded brush.
The majority of other anglers were focused on the flooded brush fish and come Sunday these bass had seen a LOT of lures.

On Sunday (tournament day) I focused on the prespawners. I was throwning a 5" wacky senko at them and they would hit it as it dropped by them. I would see the line jump or feel the tick and set tbe hook. I had 4 keepers in the boat within the first 2 hours of the event. Then the wind start blowing hard so I threw a spinnerbait and flipped brush for several hours without a single bite.
With a 30 minutes of the tournament left I headed back towards the ramp and fished one last short stretch of bluff wall and after a few casts with the senko I connected with and landed bass no. 5. With my heart beating out of my chest and being physically unable to make another cast I went back and weighed in.
Finished in 4th place out of 72 boats and cashed a check.

Water temps were 60 ~ 62f
Water levels are about 6 foot below full pool but staying stable.
Water in the coves and pockets is a little more stained than it's usual crystal clear due to the water run-off from recent rains, but the main lake is still pretty clear
Weather was mostly sunny with a little cloudy, but the wind was rippin' both days
Tennessee Bass Fishing Reports / Re: 2021 05 15 Nickajack, TN
« Last post by Bassinkorea on Yesterday at 08:36:50 PM »
Good report and great photos CF  ~c~
fought the good fight today.  one to add/cull into the bag

1850 LMB.

Tennessee Bass Fishing Reports / 2021 05 15 Nickajack, TN
« Last post by coldfront on Yesterday at 08:09:51 PM »
up early to get on the water, be ready for sunrise and some topwater bites.  was not to be.  got to the ramp on time BUT the line to launch was long.  High school tournament.  Okay, headed up road to another ramp, 10 minutes later and THAT line was even longer.

not to be deterred, I went to a backwater ramp and dropped the boat in.  by this time, the tournament had blasted off and the lake was being whipped to a froth as tournament anglers FRANTICALLY raced to their choice spots; only to find someone had beat them there and they had to whip around and go to another spot.  Organized chaos on the lake for the first 30 minutes this morning.  and of course, I was about 45 minutes LATE getting ON the water.  great start to the day.  plus did I mention it's a weekend?  that also means TVA gets funky with current. 

Chickamauga was spilling at 6800 cfs at 7AM.  20k cfs at 3PM.Nickajack was spilling at 16k cfs at 7AM and 26k cfs at 3PM.
so water levels dropped and were dropping through the day.  water willows that had water on them yesterday now were a pretty much high and dry.  yay.

45 minutes AFTER daybreak, wind was out of the north at 10-15.  Air temps were 45F and I was seriously under-dressed in shorts and a sweatshirt.  water temps were 67F and clarity was slightly stained.  could see about 1.5 foot down in most spots.

around 8AM or so the wind laid down quite a bit and we were down to just a little ripple on the water.  Sun was out, bright blue skies and it got downright pleasant (cold running).  off water at 4PM air temps were up to 73F and water was about 69F in backwaters.

headed over to a stretch of riprap and started working west with a shakey head.  on the 3/4 mile stretch was able to scratch out about 8 fish.  two of which were 'of size' at about 15 inches and estimated 1.5 pounds.  the rest were 'just a bit smaller'.  the other spots/areas I wanted to work were covered up with tournament guys like ticks on a hound-dog, so I started thinking and looking for those 'roads less traveled'.

kept working, moving.  found some 'backchannel' depressions that had wood (blown in from periods of high water/heavy current). Not a lot of timber, just a little.  kept working the shakey head and got this 18.5 to fire.  best of day

then switched up to dragging t-rigged tubes and lizards.  managed a few more.  one that cleared 18 inches on the board.  in the end managed 5 or 6 over 15 inches.  Felt pretty decent about that.  Lake has a rep for fishing tough and guys 'comin' in hot' and blowing out 'cause they're 'on the clock' doesn't necessarily help much.  but that's weekend fishing on the TN river.
Bank Fishing for Bass / Re: From the bank
« Last post by Bassinkorea on Yesterday at 06:56:47 PM »
That's a fatty. Congrats 👏
Catch of the Day / Re: RIP Frog
« Last post by Bassinkorea on Yesterday at 06:54:23 PM »
Nice Lou   ~c~

I'm hoping the frog bite will be kicking off here soon.
Rods / Re: The "International" Flippin Stick
« Last post by Bassinkorea on Yesterday at 06:52:24 PM »
Sweet! Like seeing these types of build threads.  Looking forward to seeing the  finished  product.

You and me both Jim  lo
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