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Dock Talk / Re: Happy Birthday Zippy!
« Last post by Donald Garner on Yesterday at 07:59:57 AM »
Happy Birthday there Stratos Buddy  ~c~
Dock Talk / Re: Dec 2021 Home Front Activities
« Last post by Donald Garner on Yesterday at 07:58:47 AM »
Good morning to all,

We're starting the day off with FOG :shocking:  Forecasted temps are 48-77dgrs with 94% humidity and a SE wind @ 3mphs.

I'm off to see the Acupuncture Doctor here shortly.  I took a half day (Personal Day) off from work to get this done.  I have a meeting with my supervisor at 1pm so my day is going to be a short day. 

Rodney; My good man you need to take it easy there.  You ole gym rat you're always pushing the body to the limit  ~bb   Hope you get to feeling better soon.  No apologies needed on the comment reference the truck  ;)  I didn't read it that way.  When our kids were living at home, we always decorated the house during the Holidays.  The wife did during Thanksgiving also> Fall Decorations etc.  When they all left, we just stopped.
Yes, some people have forgotten what Christmas Day and the season is supposed to be about.  I'm thankful every day.
Sir you have a pleasant day and relax that body  ~shade

Bud, Top, SHC; You guys have a pleasant day and be safe in your travels.
Trailers and Tow Vehicles / Re: Truck vís SUV ??
« Last post by Oldfart9999 on Yesterday at 07:08:50 AM »
From my son the tech; if you have an automatic but no 4X4 lo drop it into it's lowest gear, it engages all the clutches at once meaning when you start out coming up a ramp it's running cooler.
Boating Safety / Re: Cold Water Safety
« Last post by Oldfart9999 on Yesterday at 06:59:30 AM »
As of October 1 a pfd must be worn at All times until April 30 I believe.
One of my favorites was working a Deep LIL N through tree limbs on my home waters. Only had about 3 to do it with and now they are gone, none of the other lakes have trees in the water long enough to try them most times. You'd think with all the docks around here it would be dock fishing but I got tired of being run off them. Good thing I don't get bothered working the areas between the docks.
By the by, this is what happens when fishermen aren't careful and leave hooks on dock ropes and mooring lines along with tearing covers.

running DLNs through deep brush piles, laydowns is a favorite here too.
couple of favorite colors (now discontinued)the old BassPro Gelcoat TN shad with the red lateral lines...  andBADDAD...  and I fish these things LOVINGLY...and CAREFULLY now.  worth getting wet over...
both of these were excellent bluegill imitators.   the TNShad would shine in that heavy algae bloom summer water (pea soup stuff) and the bad dad?  good just about always...

Faded chartreuse green back and silver black back.
Dock Talk / Re: Happy Birthday Zippy!
« Last post by Oldfart9999 on Yesterday at 06:47:48 AM »
I hear that his rocking chair and first delivery of "adult diaper of the month club" is on the way!

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 ~roflmao ~roflmao ~roflmao ~roflmao
Dock Talk / Re: Dec 2021 Home Front Activities
« Last post by Oldfart9999 on Yesterday at 06:45:12 AM »
Good morning!!! Weather, boring. I'm not sure what's going on, I hurt in my lower back even though I had the injections and am doing my exercises and my diet isn't bad but my sugar is up. I see the pain management Doctor next week and we'll get it sorted out, as far as my sugar I'll sort that out also, just a PITA to be taken care of but it has to be done occasionally.
Top, you'll get er done and be riding high. Anymore trips with the boat planned?
Bud, credit always goes to the wife, you know that, it's the way of the world, the man does the work and the wife gets the credit, taint never going to change. I think you need to play with the Ranger or tackle or something. Be careful on the ladder, we have a friend who decided to a quick job that was scheduled to be done by a contractor the next day, he's laid up in rehab after finding himself laying in the driveway, was rushed to ER, put into a temporary coma, has numerous broken bones, a punctured lung and other things. He's looking at several surgeries in the near future, He's a former construction crew foreman. Please be careful.
Donald, quiet is good, sorry if it sounded like I blamed you for the truck, poor choice of words. I understand about all the decorations, I can't understand why the decorations mean more than what we are supposed to be a celebration of the gift of redemption we have in this season, must be just me. Hope you have another quiet day.
Have a great day, be well!!!
Bass Fishing Techniques, Presentations and Lures / Re: Quantity vs quality
« Last post by zippyduck on Yesterday at 02:01:56 AM »
I have always stuck to the basics.  My jigs, spinnetbaits, tppwater and worms. I had enough to last for years.
I even held off on chatterbaits for years, until a friend showed me up with them.
So you can say I'm a quality type of guy.

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