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cheap rod protection

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 Pool noodles come in 2 thicknesses and t the smaller ones fit inside the larger version
 I've found they offer good protection to keep your rods from getting banged around / nicked & chipped
 And they're cheap at the dollar stores
 Most baitcast rods will slide into the skinnier version  and at the price you won't mind slicing one to ease the guides in or to slide it down on the reel seat slide a skinny one into the larger version for longer rods  or scarf  and tape  several together for longer length The wider ones accomodate the larger guides on  spinning rods nicely. the bright colors help keep you aware of their position

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Humm Neat Idea ~c~ Especially for extended storage. Probably too thick for a rod locker with a rack. But I store rods off and on depending on season and this would offer great protection for falling or falling objects. :-*
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great idea!  might have to use that next time i move!


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Awesome idea! Probably keep them from sinking if one happens to go overboard while on the boat too! Not that I've done that LOL.
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I went through the same thought process...  Started out with the mesh rod sleeves that are sold at the sporting goods stores.  They work great but can be pricy.  I remove the baits/lures when I'm done for the day... but leave the SNAP tied to the line.  The SNAPS were always getting entangled in the mesh.

Went to a cloth/ripstop material rod covers (from eBay).  They worked better (for me) because of the SNAP issue... but still run $3.50-5.50 each. 

I'm always looking for a better (and CHEAPER) alternative, and came up with something similar to the pool-floatie tubes: the foam "pipe wrap" you can get at the "Big Box" home-repair stores!

I forget the inside diameter that I found works best... 5/8"?  Maybe 7/8"?  It's not as big OUTSIDE as the pool-floats, but works well on my baitcasting rods.  The 6' length easily protects rods up to 7' long.  The inside diameter fits snuggly on the top "fore-grip" to hold it in place.

They make a split tube and a solid tube... I use the solid tube and they're only like $0.98!!  And you also get your choice of colors (as long as it's gray).  <g> 

They probably still aren't the best for a rod-locker (too bulky), but work great for the commute in an open boat, car, trunk, or pickup bed!

I use them on all my baitcasting setups, but still have to use the mesh or cloth rod covers for my spinning setups because of the bigger eyes.