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Started by Redleg62, October 25, 2012, 10:16:31 AM

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Ok, so yesterday i changed the fuze panel in my X-51, because it needed it.  Well, i found some wires with butt connectors hanging from the harness.  Would these be wires for optional electronics.  Or is my harness just falling apart.  Anyone know of where i might actually find a schematic diagram of the boat?    Thanks in advance.  John


No clue about your boat. But I had issues with 98 Promaster (out of business) wiring. I did some Googling around and found some wiring harness diagrams for other similar built boats and it helped me.


Probably for optional equipment. Take a multi-meter and trace it back. It'll go to the battery or somewhere on the panel.


Ok ill try both.  Thanks guys


Optional equip, I have a 2012 H18SS and there are some hanging from my panel, all the electrical stuff works.
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I also have some taped up in my main harness under dash that just end in a butt connector I'm assuming they are additional accessory leads .
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This is kinda off subject but a cool trick to share.
When ising butt connectors or wire nuts squirt silicone in the openings around the wires and fill the connector.
This will not only make them water resistant but also help keep them from coming apart over time.
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Thats how i setup the new fuse panel, i dielectric greased everything