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Started by bassn1, December 07, 2012, 05:11:16 PM

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Wife called today. I guess my pro rod gloves arrived this afternoon.  :)  Very excited about seeing them in person   8)

More to come  ;)

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Mike Cork

Good deal  :-* They are very nice ~c~ ~c~

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You will be surprised how much better they will fit your rods than the other guy's products.  I love mine.  Try the reel gloves also, the design that they have doesn't touch the line when you put them on, so it doesn't kink it.
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They are sweet  ~c~ Rod protection at it's finest  :-*
I had more 2 more MG rods than I had thought. Sooooo, gonna put in another order first of the year.

BTW, don't know how I managed without the the wraps in the past. But if you are like me and concerned about the tips of your expensive rods. The rod wraps keep all the tips and butts of your rods secured when carrying more than three. Awesome accessory. Thanks Rod Glove

"Success is a Journey. Not a destination".

Jim VR

Thank you bassn1 - I really appreciate the support of our product. Thanks to everyone else for the kind words.

Whether you like the new neoprene Pro Series Rod Gloves or the standard style expandable mesh Rod Gloves, we do our best to deliver the widest range of sizes and colors.

Thanks again!

Jim Van Ryn
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No worries. Anytime. Not sure why I waited so long to try the Neopene Gloves. Especially with the amount of $ I have invested in each rod. Expect another order after Santa comes to my house.

"Success is a Journey. Not a destination".

Mike Bush

I received a few of the Pro Gloves the other day. Very impressed with them.