G3 PRO 175 fueling

Started by baseball10164, December 24, 2012, 12:17:40 PM

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i just bought a 1999 G3 pro 175 and Ive never owned a boat. my question is do you have to mix the oil and gas before you put it into the tank or can you just pour both in after each other. do you also need to put fuel stabilizer in the the gas during the summer?

PD Fisher

What size motor. Brand name. And does it have a removable small round cap on the cowling.

I have a g3 with a 70 Yamaha. It has an oil reservoir under the cowling so I just put gas in the fuel tank. Also, I always put a fuel stabilizer in when I fill up.
Brandon ~shade

Preston R. Allen

For the cost of repairs!! Why not just google the ser. no./ model no. on motor and get the specs. You could have some shop check her out and make sure mix or VRO , if it is working and not pluged with old crystaled oil. Mite give you alot more lipping time on the water.                Preston    new member from up north