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Anyone Float this weekend

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Would like to see some reports..



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Got to the warrior around noon Sat. I launched out of Fraklins and drove around a bit checking out the water. Main river was stained but not to bad, had some floaters also. Some of the creeks I went in were clearer with a light stain. I found a huge school of bass in a creek. I am sure they were Largemounths and spots.

They were killing huge schools of shad in about 4-8 FOW. I saw tons of shad around the boat and under it. Some of the shad would float up injured from the bass feeding on them. The bass never broke the surface. What sucks is I didnt get one bite fishing that school? I threw a bama rig, spoon, crankbait, spinner bait. I even used a C rig with a fluke. Man it blows when you find fish and they wont bite!!

I was trying to catch largemouths and swam a jig a while. Then I said folk it and went to a spot I know that always has fish. I have never caught a big one on this place but I know they are there. Its a good place for some keeper fish. 1st cast missed one, then I missed another one. Then I hooked a nice fish, lost him at the boat. 2-2.5 lbs. Then about that time these two dumb a$$es came up by me trying to fish and lets say they didnt stay long. Howtons had a tourney and all the boat traffic jacked my spot up. I did end up with a keeper for just messing around for 3 hours. My bites came on a Tx rig!!!

Could not get bit on anything else.
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