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Hello ProCraft Forum members....

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It's RiverRatMD a.k.a. John from the Upper Chesapeake Bay.  I wanted to say hello to everyone.

I've had my '92 ProCraft 180 dual pro 17 years and have so much history with this boat that I can not bring myself to sell it.  It had a 150 XR6 on it for 7 years then I put on a 175 Xri in 1999.  Still running strong :).  Only thing I did was installed a set of TDR reeds.  I run a 6" Bob's jackplate and run two different props - 25P Trophy worked by Robbie Patterson (64-65 gps) & a 26P Tempest (64-66gps).  Rpms range from 5600-5700. 

I've experimented with set-ups and countless props on this hull in the 150 - 175 hp range.  I have friends with this same hull that we have spent hours on set-up with those as well.   Thanks,