6 Rod Garage Door Rod Rack

Started by Pacific NW Ron, March 16, 2013, 11:52:15 AM

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Pacific NW Ron

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With this Loop Hold Flexible Fishing Rod Rack you can easily store up to six fishing rods on your overhead garage door or up to ten rods on your wall or ceiling. This innovative flexible rod rack fastens to the interior hinges of garage doors without the use of tools. As a wall rack, grommets on each end allow easy installation on nails or hooks. The handles of each rod rest in stitched loops while the tips are held in place by adjacent tabs. Whether fastened to a door or hanging on a wall this rod rack affords fishermen a lightweight, durable, creative and water resistant storage solution for their fishing rods.
Made in the USA.   :-*
Enjoying retirement in the great Pacific Northwest.  I've turned into a fair weather angler.  Why do it today when I can do it tomorrow?

Mike Cork

This is a really neat idea. Unique and out of the way  ~c~ great use of space that would otherwise go unused.

It doesn't have to be for just rods. If you have anything long that needs to be stored this product will make quick work of it :-*

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