Autotether Wireless Lanyard Kill Switch

Started by Pacific NW Ron, March 27, 2013, 02:53:00 PM

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Pacific NW Ron

With the Autotether wireless kill switch you get a convenient rapid response solution for the person who cares about themselves and their passengers. It will also permit everyone to safely move around the boat. The Autotether offers a cost effective, easy to install alternative to the hassles of using the red corded "kill switch."
The Autotether is protection for you and your passengers:
It will protect the operator AND up to three others including pets allowing unrestricted movement about the boat. If the operator falls overboard, the motor will be shut off and an alarm will sound or if a passenger falls in the water an alarm will sound warning the others of the situation.  :-*
A lot of safety for $175.00.
Enjoying retirement in the great Pacific Northwest.  I've turned into a fair weather angler.  Why do it today when I can do it tomorrow?